Cancelling Accounts


 To Cancel Accounts:

    1)  From the application menu, select the Enterprise icon.

    2)  Go to View Accounts.

    3)  Check the box next to each user you wish to cancel.

    4)  Select the Cancel Account button located at the bottom of the user account listing.

    5)  A notifcation will appear asking you to confirm the cancellation by clicking YES.

    6)  To view cancelled accounts, select Cancelled Accounts from the filter drop down located above the User Division category.

    7)  Cancelled accounts can be restored quickly and easily for up to 30 days after the cancellation date by selecting Restore.

    8)  Restored users will move back to the Active Accounts listing visible by clicking the View Accounts section of the enterprise menu.  


***It is recommended that email aliases be removed from cancelled accounts to prevent future conflictions.  To remove aliases from specific accounts see the Removing Email Aliases section of the How-To Guide.


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