Creating a User

Creating users is simple with BlueTie's step by step user creation process.

To Create an Account:

1)  From the enterprise menu, select Create Account.

2)  Select the division you would like the account to be created in and select Create Account.

      ***Only applicable for enterprises containing mutiple divisions.

3)  On the Account Information screen enter the new user information. Required fields are:

      • Username (ex. jsmith)
      • Password (must meet password requirements listed on the right)
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Phone

4)  When finished, click Next and proceed to the Price Plan screen.

       a. To customize the user plan: 
                     - Select the Customize Plan button.   
                     - Add or remove plan features by using the check boxes to the left of each feature. 
                     - Click Save.     

       b. To select a base plan:
                     - Select the radial button next to the desired plan and click Finish.

***NOTE:  Un-activiated account slots will be automatically activated for users created with the same plan type as the inactive account. To learn more about managing un-activated accounts click here.

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