Locking Accounts


Enterprise Managers have the ability to lock a user account at any time. Locking an account prevents the user from having any access to their account.  The Enterprise Manager also has the ability to transfer all of the data from a locked account to another user.  Click here for information on how to transfer user data from one account to another.

To Lock Accounts:

    1)  From the enterprise menu, click on View Accounts.

    2)  Select the account(s) to be locked by checking the box next to the username.

    3)  When finished, select the Lock Account(s) button at the bottom of the page.

    4)  A notification will appear stating that the users were locked successfully.

    5)  Select OK and you will be redirected to the active accounts screen.

    6)  To view the locked accounts, select Locked Accounts from the Filter drop down menu located above the divisions column of the accounts section.


To Unlock Accounts:

    1)  Check the box next to the user you wish to unlock and click on the Unlock Account(s) button located at the bottom of the screen.

    2)  A notificaiton will appear stating that the user(s) had been successfully unlocked.

    3)  The account will then appear in the active accounts list.


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