Removing Email Aliases

The Enterprise Manager has the capability to remove individual aliases, all user aliases, or all enterprise aliases.  The steps and links below will help you in determining which option is best.

Removing An Alias from a User Account:

    1)  From the Enterprise menu, select View Accounts and click on the user you wish to modify.

    2)  From the User Profile screen, click on the Email Aliases button. 

    3)  On the Edit User Aliases screen, click the Remove button next the alias you would like to remove.

    4)  To remove all aliases, select the Remove All Aliases button at the bottom of the screen. 
               ***This is recommended for cancelled accounts.

    5)  When finished, click DONE.

Removing All Aliases for a Domain:

    1)  From the Preferences menu, click on the Email Domains and Aliases link under the Enterprise section.

    2)  Select the Manage Domain button next to the domain you wish to remove aliases from.

    3)  Click on the Remove All Aliases button and select OK on the confirmation pop-up.

    4)  All aliases under that domain have now been removed for the entire enterprise.


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