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Account Information

General account information

How Do I Change My Password?

You may change your password at any time by clicking on your account's Preferences menu.

For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

How Do I Change My Session Timeout?

The Session Timeout feature will protect your account while you're away from your computer.  You can choose the length of time you would like your account to remain active while it is inactive.  After the time, your account will automatically log itself off, preventing unwanted access to your information.

You may change the Session Timeout duration in your account's preferences menu, located in the top-right corner of the application.

For step-by-step instructions please click here.


How Do I Configure My Email Signature?

Setting an Email Signature will autmatically append a custom message to the bottom of each new email.  Unlike the Email Footer, the Email Signature will be displayed and editable in the message composition window.

You may configure this in your Preferences Menu, within Email Preferences underneath the Name and Signature heading.

For step-by-step instructions, please click here.


How Do I Edit My Contact Information?

Users have the ability to edit their contact information at anytime. 

For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

How Do I Update My Secret Question?

Your Secret Question is used as a security precaution to prevent others from accessing your account, and may be changed at anytime within your account's Preferences Menu.

For step-by-step instructions on updating your Secret Question/Answer, click here.

How Do I Upgrade My Account To Pro?

BlueTie Free Users may upgrade to BlueTie Pro at any time.

Please click here for more information on upgrading your account

What is a Support Contract Number?

A Support Contract number is provided to all users with access to live Customer Support.  When calling 1-800-BLUETIE for Customer Service, you will be you will be required to enter your Support Contract number. 

Click here for help finding your Support Contract number.


Where can I find my Support Contract Number?

The Support Contract Number can be located in the following places:

  • 1. Click the Help link in the upper-right corner of your account. This will open a new window with the contract number along the top

  • 2. Click the Preferences link in the upper-right corner of your account. Click on the Support Information link in the General section of preferences.

If you are unable to login to your account and cannot access your contract number, click the Forgot Contract Number link on the main login page. This can also be found on the login page underneath the Sign In button.

Enterprise Manager

Frequently asked questions regarding enterprise manager



Frequently asked questions regarding the Divisions in Enterprise Manager.

Can I modify user password settings?


You can set the password requirements in each Division, or in the top Division, and apply the rules to all users.

1)  Go to View Divisions through the Enterprise icon.

2) Click the Modify button next to the Division you wish to edit, or select the top division to apply the settings to all users.

3) Under Security Settings, you can configure the Password Expiration by clicking Modify. You may set the frequency of days that users are required to update their password, or never require a password update.  You may apply this to one division or all sub-divisions. Click Save Settings to apply.

4) Under Security Settings, you can configure the Session timeout frequency (in minutes, up to 999 minutes) and whether or not users can choose this themselves ("Users can not change this setting" to restrict).   You may apply this to one division or all sub-divisions. Click Save Settings to apply.

Can settings differ between Divisions?


Yes.  You can apply Password and Session timeout requirements in a division, or apply it to all divisions.  You may also configure auto-aliasing and the default email plan for all users in a division and sub-division.

Features can also be included or excluded by division.  If you click on a division to modify, you can assign managers and set a profile for a division.


How do I setup an additional Enterprise Manager?


There can only be one Enterprise Manager in the top-level division.  Sub-divisions may have multiple managers, and their abilities may be restricted if needed.

The following features are available to top-level Enterprise Managers only:

  • Mailing Lists
  • Management of Enterprise Contacts
  • Ability to assign sub-division managers


What are Divisions?


Divisions are an organizational tool available to the Enterprise Manager.  If you would like to set up your company, divided into locations (for example, "East Coast" and "West Coast"), this is the ideal place to indicate your users in a hierarchy, and assign apprpriate controls to Division managers, and users belonging to that division.

What can Division managers control?


Division managers have the ability to manage users in their division or sub-divisions beneath them.  They must be assigned as a manager in the Modify screen of a division, by their Enterprise manager who may restrict certain management abilities.


Email Audit

Frequently asked questions about our Email Audit and Archiving feature.

Do All Users Need To Have Archive Services Enabled?

Archive Services can be enabled on a user-by-user basis, or on all users within an enterprise, as detemined by the Enterprise Manager.

For instructions on enabling Archive Services, please click here.

Do Users Know If Their Mail Is Being Monitored?

Enterprise Managers can decide whether they want their users to receive a message on their MyDay screen informing them that their mail may be monitored.

To enable this setting:

1) Click on the Email Audit button in the Enterprise Manager account. 

2) Click the Manage Accounts button.

3) Check the Notify all accounts that they may be audited button to place a flag on each user's MyDay screen.

4) Click Save.


How Do I Enable Archive Services For My Enterprise?

To Enable Email Audit:

1) Click  the Email Audit button from the Enterprise Manager account.

2) Click the Manage Accounts button

3) Archive Services may be enabled by performing one of the following tasks:

a) You may use the Audit All/Audit No Accounts button to turn Archive Services on or off for all users.
b) Use the Always turn on auditing checkbox.  This global setting will turn on auditing for all current and future users.
c) Or simply click the checkbox next to the usernames of the specific accounts that you would like Archive Services enabled on.

4) Check the Notify all accounts that they may be audited button to place a flag on each user's MyDay screen informing them that their mail may be monitored. 

5) Click Save

·         *Note that this interface will display up to 50 users at one time.  If there are more than 50 users in the enterprise, the page dropdown on the right of the screen will need to be used to manage those additional users.

Please download our Getting Started Guide here.

What is Archive Services?

BlueTie’s Email Archival Service is designed to address both legal compliance and email auditing needs.  All messages sent and received by archived users are permanently stored online along with any attachments, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection.  Pre-defined and ad hoc filters flag all messages containing the keywords you’ve defined as potentially worrisome, enabling fast and convenient review and action.


Enterprise Contacts

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Contacts.

Can I export my Enterprise Contacts?

Yes. You can export your enterprise contacts. 

1) Go to the Contacts application. Click the Actions button in the tool bar. Drop down to Import/Export Contacts..

2) In the Export section of this page, check the Enterprise box and check a format (.csv or vCard)

3) Click Export.

How do I add Enterprise Contacts?

All users will automatically be added to your Enterprise Contacts upon creation.  To add a user to the Enterprise Contacts manually, follow these instructions:

1) Click on the Contacts icon. 

2) Under the Currently Viewing drop-down menu, select Enterprise.

3) Click on New Contact and continue completing the entry.

4) Click Save.


How do I share Enterprise Contacts?


If all users have the Shared Contacts feature, they will automatically have access to all users in the Enterprise Contacts list.  Follow these instructions to manually share your Enterprise Contacts:

1.) Go to the Preferences menu and select Share Enterprise Contacts.

2.) Click on Edit Sharing  for All Contacts while viewing the Sharing Settings.

3.) Add or remove users and/or groups that should have sharing abilities and assign their access to Read-Only, Modify, or Full Access.

4.) Click Update to apply the changes.


What are User Defined Fields?

User Defined Fields can be added to all users for multiple purposes.   You may include a user's employee number, office location, or any other pertinent information to identify someone.

To Add User Defined Fields:

1) In Preferences, select Add Fields to User Profiles.

2) Create a Label and a Field Type (Check or Text Box).

3) Click Add.

4) You can also edit user defined fields in the Preferences menu in Edit User Defined Fields.


Who can manage Enterprise Contacts?


Enterprise Managers and any division managers may create and modify Enterprise Contacts.   However, the Enterprise Manager can restrict division managers from managing enterprise contacts in the Modify screen of a division.


Global Configuration

Frequently asked questions about the features available and how to customize your enterprise.

Can I customize the email plans and features for all of my users?

Yes. In the Enterprise Preferences, you can set the default plan profile for each new user created.

1) Go to Preferences and select Account Defaults.

2) Under Application Access, Add or Remove the features included in your default plan. 

3) Click Save.


Can I set a Global Safe/Block list for my entire enterprise?

To set a Global Safe/Block list for the enterprise just click on Enterprise Preferences and then the Global Junk Mail Settings button. Once there, just go ahead and type in the email address into the corresponding field (Safe/Block).

How do I get past the Enterpise Wizard?

To use the Enterprise Wizard we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768. To verify this setting:

To change your screen resolution (size) in PC Windows XP

Step 1: Click on Start
Step 2:
Click on Control Panel
Step 3:
Double click on Display
Step 4:
Click on Settings Tab
Step 5: Increase Screen Resolution to 1024 X 768
Step 6: Click Apply
Step 7:
Click Save

To change your screen resolution (size) in Mac OS X

Step 1. Click the Apple button
Step 2. Select System Preferences
Step 3.
Select the Displays icon
Step 4. In the list of Resolutions: select 1024 x 768 (or higher).

What can I configure for my entire enterprise?


All of the following utilities and settings are available in the Preferences menu, in the Enterprise section.

  • Set a custom Default plan
  • Enable Email Audit
  • Set Global Safe/Block lists.
  • Creation of User-Defined Fields
  • Configure Password requirements
  • Specify login type (SSL or Rich)
  • Enable/Disable User Wizard
  • Set time, date, and time zone formats
  • Enter domain and alias all users
  • Create email footer
  • Share enterprise-wide contacts


What can I restrict from my users?


Many of the settings available in the Enterprise Preferences can be modified by only the Enterprise Manager.  The following settings can be modified by the user, or restricted from changing by the Enterprise Manager:

  • Changes to Session timeout settings


Mailing Lists

Frequently asked questions about the Mailing List feature in Enterprise Manager.

How do I create a Mailing List?

1.) Log into enterprise as the Top-level enterprise manager
2.) Click Preferences
3.) in the Enterprise section, click Mailing Lists
4.) Click Create New Mailing List
5.) Add information accordingly

How many users can I add to a Mailing List?

Currently the number of user that can be added onto a single mailing list is limited to two thousand users.

What are Mailing Lists?

A list of e-mail addresses identified by a single name, such as mail-list@Bluetie.com. When an e-mail message is sent to the mailing list name, it is automatically forwarded to all the addresses in the list.

When should I create a Mailing List?


When an email address needs to be delivered to more than one user, you need to create a mailing list.  For example, if sales@mygigemail.com gets delivered to Bob and Dan, enter their email address into the new mailing list. 

User Creation

Frequently asked questions on setting up new users in your enterprise.

Can I create a standard plan for all users?


In the Enterprise Preferences, you can set the default plan profile for each new user created.

1.) Go to Preferences and select Account Defaults.

2.) Under Application Access, Add or Remove the features included in your default plan. 

3.) Click Save.

How do I create users?


1.) Click on the Enterprise icon.

2.) Go to Create Account

3.) Select the Division you wish to enter the user in.  Click Create Account.

4.) Assign a username and password, and the remainder of the user info. Click on Next.

5.) Select the Email plan to assign to the user.  Go to Finish or Customize Plan if you wish to modify features.


How many users can I create?


If you are a BlueTie user, you may create up to 20 users in one enterprise.

You may have an unlimited number of users when you sign up for the BlueTie Pro plan. 

What are aliases, and how do I add them to users?


An alias is just another name attached to your domain to form an email address.

For example, John Smith's username is jsmith.mygigemail.  His default alias (sent in the From section on his email) is jsmith@mygigemail.com.  He also has the aliases of johnsmith@mygigemail.com and john@mygigemail.com.  John has a total of 3 aliases.


To add an alias to a user, go to Enterprise select the user you wish to modify.  

1.) Go to Email Aliases and New Alias.

2.) Select the domain and format for the new alias, or enter it into the text box. You may also set a catch-all alias so all emails into that domain are delivered to that user.

3.) You can also set the default alias for that user by checking the box.

4.) Click Create.


To add an alias to all users, go to Preferences and Email Domains and Aliases.

1.) Select the domain to alias, and click on Alias all users.

2.) Select Yes, and Set As Default to set that alias as the sender address for all users.

3.) To simply add the alias to all users, click Yes.


User Management

Frequently asked questions about how to manage your users from day to day.

Can I login to a user account as the Enterprise manager?


As the Enterprise Manager, you can login to user accounts. 

1.) Go to Enterprise and select the user you wish to login as.

2.) Click on Login as User.


Can I transfer data from a cancelled user?

No the user would be unable to transfer data from a cancelled account. In order to transfer data from one account to another, the account which you are transferring from would have to be locked. Once this account is locked you would be able to select transfer data and choose the intended destination for this data.

How do I cancel users?


You can cancel users in the Enterprise view.

1.  Check the appropriate box next to the user you wish to cancel.

2.  Click Cancel Accounts.

How do I lock users?


To prevent a user from logging into their account, you may lock them in the Enterprise view.

1.  Select the user you wish to lock by checking the box next to their name.

2.  Click Lock Accounts.


How do I reset passwords?


To reset a user's password, go to the Enterprise icon.

1.) Select the user you wish to modify.

2.) Click Security Settings.

3.) Under Password Settings,  set the new password and confirm it in the second box.

4.) You may also set password requirements for frequency of password changes required on this screen.

5.) Click Save.

How do I unlock and restore users?


To Unlock all Locked users:

1.) Filter to view Locked accounts.

2.) Check the Select All box, or indicate which user you wish to unlock in the box next to their name.

3.) Click Unlock Account(s).

To Restore Cancelled Users:

You have 30 days to Restore and Cancel users.

1.) Filter to view Cancelled accounts.

2.) Click the Restore button to reactivate the user account.

How do I view my locked and cancelled users? How do I unlock and restore accounts?


In the Enterprise view, select the category in the Filter drop-down menu.  The default view displays all Active users, but you can also select Cancelled and Locked accounts to view.




Frequently asked questions regarding Email

Can I filter emails by date, size, subject, and from?


To filter emails by Date, Size, Subject and From:

1) Click the Email icon. Locate the the From, Subject, Date, and Size column headers above the email messages.

2) To filter one of these columns, simply click on the column header of your choice.

3) To reverse the filter, click on the column header again

Can I flag sent messages with an importance level?

Yes. When composing an email, you may flag  a message as low, normal or high importance by using the 'Importance' dropdown to assign the desired level of importance.

Can I have the system check sent messages for new email addresses to add to contacts?

Yes, to set this up all you would have to do is go to preferences and click on 'save new addresses' in the contact section of preferences. This will automatically check your sent message for any addresses that are not currently in your contact list and give you the option to save them to your contact list after this message has been sent.

Can I set up another POP3 service to use with BlueTie?


To setup another POP3 service to use with BlueTie, click here.  

How do I add a new email address?

To add a new email address:

1) Login to the Enterprise Manager account

2) Click the Enterprise icon

3) Click the username which you would like to add the address to

4) Click the Email Aliases button

5) Click the New Alias button

6) Select the domain which you would like to use from the drop-down menu

7) Type or choose the email address which you would like to use

8) Check the Set alias as default checkbox if you would like to always send from that address by default

How do I add an email signature?

To add an email signature:

1) Login to the web application

2) Click on Preferences

3) Click on Name and Signature

4) Input the desired email signature

5) Click Save

How do I change my default email address?

To change your default email address:

1) Login to the web application

2) Click Preferences

3) Click Name and Signature

4) Change the default sender address to the desired email address

How do I change the number of emails that I see on a page?

To change the number of emails that are visible on a page, do the following:

1) Login to your account

2) Click on Prefereces (located in upper right hand corner)

3) Click on General Settings (located under Email section)

4) Under the Viewing Emails section, you can select the number of emails you wish to display: 10, 20, 50, 100 or 250

5) Click Save


How do I create a mailing list?

To create a Mailing List, do the following:

1) Click on Enterprise Preferences

2) Click on Mailing Lists

3) Click on Create New Mailing List

4) Enter the Mailing address and the recipients you would like to include on your mailing list.

5) Click Save

How do I create a new folder?

BlueTie has allows both root  folders and  sub-folders

To create a root folder:

1) Right-click on My Folder (located at top of the folder tree list)

2) Click on Create Folder and name the folder

To create a
sub folder:

1) Right click on the folder that your sub-folder will be added too

2) Click on Create Folder and name the folder

How do I delete all messages in a folder?

To remove or delete email messages from a particular folder:

1) Select the desired folder

2) Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then press the 'A' key

3) Click on the Delete or Red X button at the top of the page, or simply press the 'Delete' key on the keyboard

This will delete all the emails displayed on the page. Depending on the the number of emails in the folder and the number of emails displayed , viewing displayed emails, you may have to complete steps 2 and 3, a few times.


NOTE: Both the Junk Folder and Trash folder can be emptied by right clicking on either folder and selecting empty

How do I hide/show the 'cc' and 'bcc' fields when composing a new email?

In order to view or hide the 'cc' or 'bcc' field when composing a new email all you would have to do is open the compose window and click on the button named 'show cc' or 'show bcc'.

How do I mark messages as 'read' or 'unread?'

To mark a message as read or unread, please do the following:

1) Click on the email message

2) Click on Flag As

3. Click on Read or Unread

How do I prevent Junk Mail from entering my account?


BlueTie offers several control filters that help to prevent Junk Mail from entering your account. Filters such as the Report Junk Button, Safe List, Block List, and Hiding Embedded Images work to alleviate this issue.

You can also click the Block Sender option in the preview pane of message in the Junk-Mail folder in order to ensure these are not received as well.

How do I print an email?

To print an email:

1) Click on the email
2) Click on the Print icon (located at top of email section)

How do I reply to multiple recipients?

To reply to multiple recipients:

1) Open the email message

2) Click on Reply All

How do I select multiple messages?


BlueTie currently offers three options which allow you to select multiple messages using your keyboard functions. To access these functions, please use the options below.


Option 1: To Select All Messages:

1. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key

2. Then press the 'A' key  


Option 2: To Select a Group of Messages:

1. Hold down the 'Ctrl'key and select the first email

2. Scroll down to the last email in the group and realease the 'Ctrl' key

3. Then hold down the 'Shift' key. 


Option 3: To select multiple individual messages:

1. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key

2. Then click on the desired emails

How do I send a message to multiple contacts?

To successfully send a message to multiple contacts, you should first create a personal group for contacts. Once the personal group is created, please complete the following steps to send your message:

1) Open a New Email

2) Click on the To: button

3) Click on the desired group name


How do I send a message?


To send a message or create a new email message, please do the following:

1. Click the “New Email” button and a new window will pop up with a compose screen.

2. To specify a list of recipients, you can use one of the following methods:

         Manually type in a username or email address, separating multiple entries with a comma.

        -OR -

        Use SimpleClick™ to enter individuals or groups without typing in an address.  To use the SimpleClick™ function, do the following:

        Click on the “To” button and your contact list will appear on the left-hand side of the window.

        You may choose from personal, shared, and enterprise contacts. (See SimpleClick™ tabs.)

        Then click on the desired names to automatically insert  them into the “To” field of your email.

How do I turn on an out of office message?


To turn on an out of office message, log into your account and then follow the steps below.

To turn on your out of office message for an undetermined period of time, please use these steps:
1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on Out of Office Message
3.) Click on Turn Out of Office Message On

To turn on your out of office message for a predetermined period of time, please use the following steps:
1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on Out of Office Message
3.) Click on radio button next to Starting:
4.) Then either manually type in date (00/00/0000) -or- Click on Calendar icon and select date within Calendar
5.) Choose option for End Date. either Indefinitely or Until:
5.) Then either manually type in date (00/00/0000) -or- Click on Calendar icon and select date within Calendar

Note: You can create a personalized out of office message or you can use the standard default message. If you opt to create your own message, simply change both the Subject line and message content.

How to Save all outgoing messages?

To Save Outgoing messages:

1. Click on Preferences
2. Click on General Settings
3. Click on the Yes button located beneath Automatically save outgoing messages:

How will I know when I receive new messages?


A notification can be received to alert you to the arrival of new email messages. To receive this notification, please do the following:

1. Click on Preferences
2. Click on General Settings (under Email section)
3. Go to the New message notifications box
4. Use the drop down box beneath Notify me: to select desired time of notification





What are your POP / IMAP / SMTP settings?

In addition to the username, password, and matching email address*, the following settings are needed when configuring a 3rd party email client:

POP Settings:

Incoming POP3 mail server: pop.bluetie.com

Secure Password Authentication: NO

Incoming POP3 port number: 110

IMAP Settings:

Incoming IMAP mail server: imap.bluetie.com

Secure Password Authentication: NO

Incoming IMAP port number: 143

SMTP Settings:

Outgoing SMTP mail server: smtp.bluetie.com

Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication: YES   

Use same settings as Incoming Mail Server: YES

Outgoing port number: 25 or 5125


* - The email address entered must match an email address that is assigned to the username's account being used in the email client.

For additional help setting up specific email clients click here.

What is Junk Mail?


Junk Mail, is the common term used to describe unsolicited email. Examples of Junk Mail include: ads, pyramid schemes, and prizes that you have "won."

To help minimize the receipt of Junk Mail, BlueTie allows you to customize your own spam filters as well as block any emails that include specific domain names, email addresses, subject or body text content, etc.



What is SecureSend™?

SecureSend™ is BlueTie's encrypted file transfer system, which lets you send files with complete confidence, knowing that your confidential data will remain secure. SecureSend™ uses both asynchronous 128-bit triple-DES and synchronous AES encryption to ensure safe delivery of critical data.  This ensures that your files are safe, secure and can only be opened by the intended recipient.

SecureSend™ files may be sent from your BlueTie account to both BlueTie and non-BlueTie users, are password protected and will transfer files as large as 100MB.  SecureSend also maintains a log of files that have been sent and received, keeping a history of your SecureSend file transfers.

What is the difference between importance flagging in BlueTie, and priority flagging in Outlook?

The importance flagging feature in BlueTie is so that the creator of an email can designate the importance level from low, medium and high.  This is only set by the BlueTie user who creates the email, and can't be changed by the recipient of that email. 

Priority flagging in Outlook is so that a user can flag an urgent email they have received as such, and can control it within their own mail client as they wish by increasing or decreasing their priority. 

These flags are compatible so that they are displayed in both Outlook and BlueTie when set by the sender.



What is the difference betwen POP and IMAP?





POP3 is designed to support "offline" mail processing. POP3 is ideal for people who only access their email on a single computer such as at home or at work, but not both. When using POP3, mail is delivered to our server, and the user uses a mail "client" program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) that connects to the server and downloads all of the pending mail to the user's own machine.  Once delivered to your computer, the messages are deleted from the mail server (unless you configure your client to leave your mail on the server.)

IMAP is an especially convenient method of delivery for those who access their email on multiple computers. A growing number of email users have one machine at work and a different one at home, possibly also a laptop for travel. Like POP3, mail is delivered to our server, but the mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) does not copy it all at once and then delete it from the server. Messages on our server can be marked with various status flags (e.g. "deleted" or "answered") and can be moved to folders either on a local computer or on the server. They will stay on the server until explicitly removed by the user. This way any changes made to the messages can be viewed from any computer.

What is the largest file I can send using SecureSend™?

SecureSend™ allows for the secure transfer of files as large as 100MB.  The size of the file transfer is dependent upon optimal connection speeds. The better the connection speed, the larger the file that can be transfered.

What is the largest size email I can send?

The largest email that you can send is up to 25MB in size.

Why am I not receiving an email that I know was sent?

If you aren't receiving emails which you know have been sent to you, please verify the following things:

1) Make sure the messages haven't been filtered into the Junk-Mail folder inadvertantly.

2) Contact the sender to see if they received any email returns or error messages.

Why am I only receiving email from users in my enterprise?


If you are only receiving email from users in your enterprise, please consider the following:

1. Are you using your own domain?

2. Check to see if the mx records point to our service.



Why am I receiving failed delivery email that I never sent?

This is typically caused by a spam message that was sent using your email address. This is a an attempt to send out spam message using your address listed as the return path. When the spammer sends their message to an invalid email address the bounce message comes back to your account, because they used your address.

This usually happens because your computer or someone who has you listed in their contacts could be infected by a virus.

Some possible solutions to prevent this from happening are:

  1. Make sure you are up to date with your anti-virus program
  2. Run a full scan on your computer.
  3. Also, attempt to notify anyone who has you listed in their contacts to do the same
  4. Lastly, try to remove any reference to your email addresses from any websites.

Why can't I reply, forward, or open an email?


If you are unable to reply, forward or open an email this is likely caused by pop-up blockers. To solve this issue, please make sure that all pop-up blockers are disabled for the  site.


Why can't I see the images in my email?


If you are unable to see the images in your email, please adjust your junk mail controls using the following steps:

1. Click Preferences

2. Click on Junk Mail Controls

3. Select Not to hide embedded images within email.

Why can't I see the Print, Delete, and Save icons?


If you are experiencing difficulty in viewing the Print, Delete or Save Icons, please try the following steps:

1. In the Internet Explorer menu box go to Tools >>> Internet Options >>> Accessibility >>> Make sure all boxes are unchecked.

2. In the Internet Explorer menu box go to Tools >>> Internet Options >>> Security Tab >>> Custom Level>>> Make sure that 'Run ActiveX controls' is enabled.

3. If running or using Norton Internet Security, disable Norton then Log out and Log back into the application.

Why did all of the messages disappear from my inbox?


A common cause of this issue relates to the settings on the POP3 account. To solve this problem the POP3 Client will have to select leave a copy of message on server in their account settings.

Why is my web form not being delivered?

Please verify the following if you are having problems sending from a web form to a Blue Tie account or mailing list:

1) Verify that the email is not going to the Junk-Mail folder of the recipient

2) If the form is being sent with a From Email address that is in our system, verify that you are using smtp.bluetie.com with authentication to send. The authentication must use the username and password that the From address is associated with.

3) If the form is being sent with a From Email address that is not in our system, verify that you are not using smtp.bluetie.com to send out. This will look like a spoofed email message and will result in the email being rejected.

Logging In

BlueTie provides several ways of logging into your account. Please see the frequently asked questions below for more information.

Can I login from my mobile device?

Yes. Our mobile site allows you to access your personal Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks.

To login to your account from a mobile device:

1) Open your web browser* and go to: mobile.bluetie.com
2) Enter your Username and Password
3) Check the Save Login Info box if you don't want to re-enter the login information again
4) Click the Login button

* - The device must have at least a WAP 2.0 compliant browser

How do I unlock my account?

To unlock your account and reset your password, use the Forgot your Password? link available on the login page.

To use the Forgot Your Password? link:
1) Enter your username (in "username.enterprise" format, or the Email address assigned to your account)
2) Click the Next button
3) Confirm your identity by answering both security questions
4) Click the Next button
5) You will be assigned a randomly generated password to use the next time you login.  Copy this password (highlight and press Ctrl+C simultaneously) and paste it (Ctrl+V) into the Password field upon your next login.  Once you login successfully, you will be prompted to change your password to something more unique and personal.


What is Lite mode?

BlueTie Lite is built for speed and is optimized for wireless and dial-up users.  Lite mode provides basic functionality to the web application by allowing quick access to both your Email and personal Contacts.

What is my password?

Your password is assigned to you by your Enterprise Manager.

If you don't know your password, use the Forgot your Password? link to have one randomly assigned to you and login. You will be prompted to change your password to something more unique and personal when you successfully login to your account.

What is my username?

Your username is assigned to you by your Enterprise Manager.

Usernames consist of at least 2 characters and may be created in many naming conventions. Common usernames are a first initial and last name, or first name only.

For example: John Smith is a user in the "example" enterprise. His username may be:


Please contact your Enterprise Manager to obtain this information.

What is secure login?

Note: Secure login encrypts and decrypts all data being viewed on a page. As a result, Secure Mode is the slowest of our available login methods.

All login processes are secure, regardless of the type of login you choose (SSL, Lite, Mobile, or Rich). Secure login, however, ensures that all of your account session is secure by adding an extra layer of protection (SSL or Secure Socket Layer) for all data being transmitted.

Why is my account locked?

Usually an account is locked because of 5 invalid login attempts to the web application. If your account has been locked for 5 invalid logins, you can use the Forgot your Password? link or contact your Enterprise Manager to have the account unlocked.

If the account is not locked for 5 invalid login attempts, please check with your Enterprise Manager.

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Frequently asked questions regarding the Calendar application

Can I attach files to meeting invitations?

Yes you can attach files to meeting invitations. In order to do this, just click on New Event, enter in all needed information and when done, click on the attachment tab and attach whatever files you may need.

Can I change colors associated with shared Calendars?

Yes. To change colors associated with specific Calendar:

1.) Click on color box located to the right of the user's shared calendar
2.) Click desired color

Can I change Holidays By Country?


Yes. To change Holidays by Country:

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on Holiday (under Calendar section)
3.) Choose desired Country
4.) Click Save

Can I change Holidays By Religion?


Yes. To change Holidays by Religion:

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on Religion (under Calendar section)
3.) Choose desired Religion
4.) Click Save

Can I change my calendar view?

Yes. To change the view of Calendar:

You can change the default Calendar view by:

1.) Clicking on Preferences
2.) Clicking on General Settings
3.) Using the drop down menu and selecting desired view (Monthly, Weekly, or Daily)
4.) Click Save

To change view of Calendar for current session. While in Calendar section:

Click on icons located above Calendar (Monthly, Weekly, or Daily). This will hold this setting only while your in Calendar. If you leave Calendar and come back the Calendar will show what the default setting in preferences.

Can I create a New Task while in Calendar?

Yes. To create a New task in Calendar section:

1.) Click on New Task (located at top of Calendar)
2.) Fill in Title,

Can I drag drop an appointment?


Yes. You can drag drop appointments. If the appointment was created by you or the appointment is in a shared calendar when user has granted you full access. Simply:

Left click and hold down. Drag event to desired location and release.

Can I receive email notifications for scheduled appointments?


Yes. To receive Email Notifications:

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on General Settings
3.) Click on check box next to Through:  Email
4.) Click Save

Can I share a my calendar with a group of my contacts?


To share your calendar with a group of your contacts:

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on Calendar Sharing (under Calendar section)
3.) Select which level of access you want to grant
4.) Click on group which you would like to Insert
5.) Click Insert
6.) Click Save

How do I change First day of Week in Calendar?


To change the first day of the week in the calendar: 

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Under General Settings
3.) Select the desired first day of the week
4.) Click Save

How do I change my available work days?

To change available work days within your calendar:

1.) Click Preferences
2.) Under Calendar section click on General Settings
3.) Select the available work days
4.) Click Save

How do I change my Calendar name?

To change the calendar name: 

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Under Calendar section Click on General Settings
3.) In Calendar Name type in desired name
4.) Click Save

How do I change my Calendar View Increments?

Yes. To change the Calendar time Increments.

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) Click on General Settings
3.) Next to Calendar View Increment select desired Increment
4.) Click Save

How do I change the time when I receive appointment notifications?



In order to change the time when you receive appointment notifications you would:

1.) Click on Preferences
2.) General Settings
3.) Adjust the Reminder Time accordingly.
4.) Click Save

How do I create a new appointment?

There are multiple ways to add an appointment to your calendar: two which lend themselves best to quickly adding appointments which require few details and do not involve inviting other attendees, and another used when doing detailed event planning and inviting other attendees.

Quick Events

Highlight & Type: To add an event, simply highlight the desired block of time on your calendar, and type a description. If needed, you can add additional details or
invite attendees by right-clicking on the event and choosing “Edit Event”.

To add an event, simply type a description into the QuickAdd scheduling box. This convenient feature recognizes times, activities, days and dates, and schedules your event using a set of built-in rules of thumb. For example, if no time is specified, “lunch” is assumed to start at noon and last 1 hour. If needed, you can add additional details or invite
attendees by right-clicking on the event and choosing “Edit Event”.

Detailed Events

Right-Click Menu: To add an event, left-click on the desired date and start-time, right-click, and select “New Event”. An appointment screen will appear with the desired date and time. From there, enter the desired attendees (if any), location and description, as well as any reoccurances (as necessary)

How do I delete an instance of a recurring event?

1.) Right-click on the event instance you would like to delete
2.) Select delete instance.

How do I edit an appointment?

Once you have created a new event in your Calendar, you can easily view or edit the details of that event.

1) To view the Subject, Start, and End times for an existing event, simply mouse over the event entry on your Calendar. A text box will appear, displaying the desired information.

2) To change the date or Start time of an event you have scheduled, you may either:             

- Drag & drop the event to the new desired Start date and time. Events may be dragged to either the main calendar view, or any small calendar view. Dragging & dropping from one date to another will result in no change in the desired Start time.

- Grab the top or bottom edge of an event and resize it to change its duration.

How do I invite an attendee to an event?

To invite an attendee, type the email address or username of the person you wish to invite. Or, if the person you wish to invite is in your address book, use the SimpleClick feature by clicking the name of this person from your Contacts list pane.

How do I make changes to a shared calendar?

Note: You must have full access to a shared calendar In order to make changes to it.

1.) Click the Calendar icon
2.) Click on the link of the calendar name in the bottom-center of the page
3.) Verify you are in the correct calendar by checking the upper-left corner of the calendar
4.) Make change to appointment

How do I print my calendar?



To Print your calendar:

Choose the view in which you would like to view your calendar (Daily, Monthly, Weekly) and then click on the Printer icon in order to print this view.


How do I share a calendar?

1.) Click Preferences in the upper-right corner of the screen
2.) Click Calendar Sharing
3.) Click in the textbox for the type of access you want the user to have to your calendar
4.) Click the user or group from the contacts pane or type in the users email address or username
5.) Click the Save button



How do I turn off apointment notifications?

To turn off appointment notifications:

1.) Click Preferences
2.) Under the Calendar section, click General Settings
3.) Set the Remind drop-down menu to No Reminder
4.) Uncheck Email and Popup
5.) Click the Save button

How do I view multiple shared Calendars at one time?

When other users have shared their calendars with you, there are two options for the manner in which their schedule data is presented to you:

1) All calendars which have been shared with you will be listed in the Calendars Shared Tab of your Calendar view. Simply click on the users name within the Shared tab in order to view only that individual’s calendar.

2) To view your own calendar overlaid with the calendars of one or more other colleagues, check the boxes of the users whose schedules you wish to see overlaid on your own. This feature can greatly simplify the scheduling of meetings.

How to display birthdays in Calendar?

To display the birthday in your calendar:

1.) Click on the Contacts Icon

2.) Click on Contact

3.) Click on Edit

4.) Click on Details Tab

5.) Click Type in Birthdate or click on small calendar icon and choose date

6.) Check Show birthday in my calendar

7.) Click Save

Is there any way to email all attendees of a calendar event?

Yes, you can email all attendees of a specific calendar event. To do this, you can right click or double click on a specific calendar event and then click on the attendees screen. Once on the attendees screen you can then click on the 'Email all attendees' button and a new email compose window should open up with all attendees email address populated in the 'To:'  field.

What does the quick add feature do?

The convenient Quick Add feature recognizes times, activities, days and dates, and schedules your event using a set of built-in rules of thumb. For example, if no time is specified, “lunch” is assumed to start at noon and last 1 hour. If needed, you can add additional details or invite attendees by right-clicking on the event and choosing Edit Event.

What is free / busy access?

Free/Busy access allows users to only view appointment times. No other appointment information is displayed.

What is the Difference Between Full Access, Shared Access and Free-Busy Access?


Free-Busy Sharing”: which displays free and busy time blocks only, with no

details regarding Subject, Attendees, etc.


Read-Only Sharing”, which displays both free/busy time and event details,

but does not permit changes to event dates, times, or details.


Full Sharing”, or Administrative Access, which allows users to not only view

your calendar, but also provides the ability to add and edit appointments.


Note: Users of other Calendar systems can only have Free-Busy Sharing

Why did my Calendar colors change?


You can assign each user which you are sharing calendars with a color in order to organize these shared calendars better. When selecting a specific calendar to view, the assigned color will show up on your calendar while viewing. If you clear your cache in the browser, this will reset these colors back to the default colors originally assigned and remove the assignments which you have previously saved.

Why do my appointments display with the incorrect times?


If your appointments are displaying with the incorrect time then:

Check the Windows system clock and make sure that the time zone is set to your current local time zone. The calendar runs off of the Windows system clock and would be affected in the application if this was changed or altered in any way.

Why does a meeting request show up on My Day but not in my Calendar?


There is a delay on the time it takes a meeting request to be created, and the time it takes to show up in the calendar. The request immediately shows up in the MyDay section, but is delayed when showing up on the calendar itself.


Frequently asked questions about the Contacts application.

Can I email a group of Contacts?

Yes, To email a group of Contacts, Use SimpleClick™ to enter individuals or groups without typing in addresses.

Open a new email:
1) Click on To button
2) Click on group name or the individual contacts you wish to send the email to.

Can I export my contacts?

Yes, to export contacts:

1) Click the Contacts icon
2) Click the drop-down arrow next to Actions
3) Choose Import/Export Contacts.
4) Select the Section of contacts you would like to delete (Enterprise, Personal, Shared or all)
5) Choose the type of format you would like to export these contacts ( CSV or vCards)
6) Click Export

Can I filter my contacts?

Yes. Contacts can be filtered by clicking on header columns or by clicking on the Letter of the contact.

To filter by the header column:
1) Click on the Contact icon
2) Click on the desired column in which you want to filter (display name, work email, etc..)

To filter by Letter of Contact
1) Click on the desired Letter

Can I import my contacts from another program?

Importing Contact Information

You can import a previously existing contact list from ACT!, MS Outlook, Outlook
Express, or Goldmine.

You must first export your contact information from your other contact manager
program. Follow that program's directions for exporting contact information. Save
the contact information in .CSV format (comma separated values). If allowed to choose a specific .CSV file format, choose a DOS formatted .CSV.

To access the importing feature:

1) Click the Contacts button at the top of the application.
2) Click on the drop-down arrow next to Actions.
3) From the Program drop-down list, select Import/Export Contacts.
4) Click the Import button.
5) Click Browse
6) Select the file you wish to upload, and click Open.
7) Select a group to import to (If any)
8) Click Import.
9) Create field mapping from the grid for all incompatible fields
10) Click Accept.

Can I modify an existing group?

Yes, There are three ways to modify and existing group:

From the Contacts application you can:  

1) Click the drop-down arrow on the VIEW button
2) Select the Groups, and then the type of groups you would like to view (Enterprise or Personal)
3) A list of Groups will then appear in the grid below with the options to share, modify, or delete.
4) Select the MODIFY button across from the group(s) you wish to modify.
5) From there you can add or remove contacts and click SAVE when finished.


1) Click the drop-down arrow next to View
2) Highlight Personal Contacts or Enterprise Contacts
3) Select the desired group
4) Click the drop-down arrow next to Actions
5) Click Modify Group
6) Make necessary changes ( rename Group add/remove contacts)
7) Click Save in the upper-left corner of the window

From the SImpleClick menu you can:

1) Right-click the Group name in the SimpleClick Window
2.) Click Modify Group
3) Make necessary changes ( rename Group add/remove contacts)
4) Click Save in the upper-left corner of the window

NOTE: Only users who have full access to Enterprise Contacts will have the option to add, modify, or delete these Contacts.  Access can be granted to individual users by the Enterprise Manager.

Can I print my contacts?

Yes, you can print individual, groups or all contacts.
* If you are trying to print Enterprise or Personal you are in that section.

To print your contacts, follow the instructions. 

For Individual:
1) Double click on the contact
2) Click on the print icon

For Group:
1) Click on group name in the SimpleClick Window (located  in the far left pane)
2) Click on the print icon
1) Click drop-down arrow next to view
2) Highlight either Personal or Enterprise (depending where the group is located)
3) Select group name
4) Click print icon

For All:
1) Click on the Contacts icon
2) Click on print icon

Can I share Contacts?

Contact Sharing

Contact Manager allows users to share their contacts with other members. Clicking
on the Shared tab (in the Contacts pane) will allow you to see the contacts that other
users have shared with you.

Definitions: “Sharer” - The owner of the shared contacts.
“Sharee” - The recipient of the shared contacts.

There are two possible share methods:
Read Only (the sharee can only view).
Full Access (the sharee can view, delete, and edit).

To set up sharing from the sharer’s account.

1) Click on Contacts
2) Click on drop-down arrow next to Actions
3) Click Manage Sharing
4) Select the desired group for sharing
5) Click Modify
6) Use the SimpleClick feature to to select the group or individual you would like t share the contact or contacts with
7) Click Save

Can I turn the preview pane Off / On?

Yes, To turn the Preview Pane Off/On:

1) Click Preferences in the upper-right corner of the screen
2) Click General Settings under the Contacts section of preferences
3) Under Preview Pane select Off or On
4) Click Save

How do I create a new personal group?

To Create a New Personal Group:

1) Click the Contacts icon
2) Click on the drop-down arrow next to New
3) Select Personal Group
4) Type the Name of the Group
5) Click the contacts you would like to add from the contact listing on the left
6) Click the Save button in the upper-left corner of the screen

How do I view Enterprise Contacts?

Enterprise Contacts can be viewed from the SimpleClick menu on the left or through the Contacts application.

To View in SimpleClick:

  1. Below the contacts listing simply click on the Enterprise tab.
  2. The groups list and contacts list are now visible above.

To View from Contacts:

  1. Click on the Contacts Icon within the BlueTie toolbar.
  2. Next, click on the VIEW button and select Enterprise Contacts.

NOTE: You can use the arrow next to the Enterprise Contacts option to select specific groups for viewing.


What is SimpleClick?

SimpleClick™ is BlueTie's patented name-based system that makes it incredibly easy to communicate and share information with people with the simple click of a button. Use SimpleClick™ to instantly insert names within the BlueTie application when writing emails, sharing files, or when instant messaging.

To use SimpleClick™:

1) Click on the “To” button and your contact list will appear on the left-hand side of the window.

2) You may choose from personal, shared, and enterprise contacts.

3) Simply click on the desired names to automatically insert them into the “To” field of your email.

4) To send carbon copies of your outgoing email to others, enter additional email
    addresses in the “CC” field by using SimpleClick™ or by manually typing them in.

5) To send a blind carbon copy that does not display the recipient's email address to
     other recipients, enter the email addresses in the “BCC” field by using SimpleClick™
     or by manually typing in the address.

What is the difference between Modfiy Access and Full Access?

Modify Access allows a user to make changes to the contacts but does not allow the user to delete the contact.

Full Access allows users to both modify and delete contacts.


Throw away your fax machine and visit your inbox! Sending a fax has never been easier.

Can I use my eFax Corporate account?

At this time, eFax corporate is not supported through the BlueTie interface.  eFax intends to add this functionality for use in the future, but official dates have not been released.

Do I need to sign up monthly?

If a monthly commitment is not right for you, just click "Send Now Using Fax-On-Demand". Fax-On-Demand is a low-cost fax service that you can use as-needed, without having to commit to monthly payments.

Send faxes anywhere in the U.S. and to more than 20 countries for just $0.75 (USD) for the first page, and $0.25 for each additional page per fax transmission. Please note that each recipient of your fax will be counted as a separate transmission.

How can I send an eFax?

You Can send an eFax in two different ways:

1. Enter your Email application

2. Click on the arrow in the New button on your tool bar

3. Using the dropdown menu, select Fax

4. From the next screen, choose from the options: Learn More/Sign Up, Already a User, Send Now Using Fax-On-Demand

5. Follow the prompts to send an eFax


1. Enter your Contacts application

2. Choose a Contact (that has a fax number stored)

3. Click the Send Fax icon

4. Follow the prompts to send an eFax

How do I Add my eFax # to my Contacts profile?

To Add your eFax # to your Contacts profile

1. Go into your Add my eFax # to my Contacts profile

2. Under Email select eFax Settings

3. Fill in your eFax Number and eFax Pin

4. Check the box that read: "Add my eFax # to my Contacts profile"

5. Save your Preference changes

How much does an eFax cost per month?

eFax Pricing

Your 30-day free trial includes receiving up to 130 fax pages and sending up to 30 fax pages free. After 30 days, your eFax Plus subscription will automatically continue at $16.95 (USD) a month, which includes receiving up to 130 fax pages and sending up to 30 fax pages a month free. Receiving faxes over the included amount costs $0.15 (USD) a page and sending faxes over the included amount to numbers in the U.S. costs $0.10 (USD) a page. To check eFac rates for sending faxes to numbers outside the U.S. click on the eFax options within the eFaz window Note: For toll-free eFax numbers, all incoming fax pages are $0.20 (USD) a page and no free pages are included. Value Added Tax (VAT) may apply to these prices depending on your country of residence. See the eFax Customer Agreement for complete details.

How to Obtain your eFax Number and/or PIN?

If you would like to retrieve your eFax Number or PIN, please visit https://www.efax.com/efax/twa/page/forgotPassword to verify your account information. Your eFax Number or PIN will be sent to the email address specified as the contact address for your eFax account.

If you continue experiencing problems, please contact Customer Service, to provide the following information for verification:

   • Old Email Address(es) listed for your eFax number
   • New Email Address, at which you want to receive faxes
   • Zip Code, according to your eFax account’s Billing Information
   • Last 4 digits of your Credit Card Number, to which your eFax account is billed (if applicable)

Upon verification, we will send your account information to your new email address.

I already have an eFax account, can I still use it?

Yes, you can still use your pre-existing eFax account. All you would need to do is click on the option that says 'Already a User' and enter in your current account information.

Email Marketing

Frequently asked question about Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Are there any additional costs for using Email Marketing through Bluetie?

No, there are no charges by BlueTie for using BlueTie to launch email marketing campaigns.

What are Bluetie Featuretisments ?

BlueTie Featuretisements are services from trusted partners that extend the usefulness of the BlueTie application. The Email Marketing featuretisement enables an individual or small business to launch email marketing campaigns seamlessly within the BlueTie application.

Who do I contact for service questions related to Constant Contact?

Many customer service questions are addressed at the following site:

Constant Contact Customer Service

Constant Contact's Customer Service Center is open daily.

Who uses the Email Marketing feature?

Anyone that wants to send marketing communications to their customers and do so seamlessly though the BlueTie email application.

Why can't I see the Email Marketing option?

The Email Marketing feature can be disabled or enabled by the Enterprise Administrator. If you cannot see this feature in your application, please contact your Enterprise Administrator.

Filing Cabinet

Frequently asked questions regarding the Filing Cabinet application

Can I share a folder that I don't own?


Unfortunately you cannot share a folder which you do not own. Folders can only be shared if they belong to the user. The user cannot share folders that have been shared with them.

Can I upload an entire folder?


No. Currently you cannot upload entire folders. You can however select multiple files at a time and upload all at once by holding down the CTRL key while selecting the files you wish to upload. Once you are done, select open and Upload.

How can I delete a file?


Highlight Folder in  your folder tree where the file is located. Highlight the file and then select delete. This will move the folder to your filing cabinet trash can.

How can I delete a folder?


Click on My files, highlight folder, and click delete.

How can I revoke shared access to an individual user when I have shared folder with multiple contacts?


In order to remove sharing access from an individual user you would:

Click on folder under shared folders>  Highlight on the right hand side and click sharing. Locate user Id of the user that you would like to remove and highlight and click remove.

How can I save a shared file to my hard drive?


You can save a shared file to your hard drive by clicking on:

1) Shared Folders

2) Highlight the shared folder and select Check Out.


How can I share a file?


Unfortunately you can only share complete folders at this time and not individual files.

How do I create a new folder?


In order to create a new folder:

1) Click on the Filing cabinet Icon and then New Folder button in the upper right part of the application.

How do I share a folder?


In order to share a folder:

1) Highlight the folder in the folder tree and then click on share on the right hand side. Grant sharing access accordingly.

Hosted Exchange

To View the Hosted Exchange Knowledge base please copy and paste this link into your browser:


Instant Messaging

Frequently asked questions regarding the Instant Messaging application

Can I hide from or block certain users?


You can set your Online status by clicking Options in the Instant Messaging window.  You may display your online status to all BlueTie users, only users in your enterprise, or you can select hide and appear to be offline.

If you wish to block a user, select Add on the Options page and enter the username into your block list.


How do I add someone to my Currently Online List?


You may communicate with any BlueTie user via the IM application.

To add users to your Currently Online, choose them from any of your Contacts lists or groups.

1.) Click the Currently Online button directly from your IM window. 

2) This will bring up a Currently Online list which you can add people directly from the simple click list.

3.) After adding these users, just Click Save.


How do I disable new Instant Message notifications?


1.) Click the Options button in the IM window.

2)  Under Alerts, un-check the boxes for audio and/or pop-up notifications.

3.) Click Save.


How do I know someone is online?


If a user is online, they will be displayed in the Currently Online list of your Contacts.  Any user in your Currently Online list will be indicated if they are online by the icon next to their name lighting up regardless of list or contact group.



How do I send an Instant Message to someone?


In order to send an instant message to a user:

1. Click on the IM icon.

2. Click in the field labeled "To".

3. To enter a member name, you can use one of the following methods:
    Click a hyperlink of the member listed in the Currently Online list.
    Manually type in the username of the member you wish to chat with.

4. Enter your message in the “Message” field.

5. To send the message, click the “Send” button or hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

How do I switch between IM conversations with several users?


You can have multiple IM sessions with any BlueTie user.  Each user you are speaking with will appear at the right side of the IM window, in the Users list.  Simply click on the user you wish to continue speaking with, and send your message. 

The number of new messages in the IM session will appear next to the name of the user it is from.


What is the Currently Online list?


The Currently Online list displays other BlueTie users that are logged in. It will only show users which you have added to your currently online list. You can send an Instant Message to any user on this list, and communicate instantly.


Why can't I send or receive Instant Messages


1.) Check to see if IM port is open. This can be done by using the telnet feature. Please refer to links for process.
2.) Check for pop-up blockers

Layout Manager

Find out what others are asking about Layout Manager

Do I need separate layouts saved for my email, contacts, and calendar separately?

No, you may configure one layout across multiple applications and that will apply as you have set the pods.

How can I exclude a pod from one of my layouts?

You have the ability to minimize the pod for a layout.  The pod will remain, but will not take up as much space as it normally would when expanded.  The minimized pod may be organized wherever you would like to put that as well.

How do I get the Layout Manager to stop prompting me to save?

The Layout Manager detects when you make changes to the layout of you application screens and will prompt you to save them.

To disable the change layout prompts:

1) Go to your preferences, under General Settings, and click Layout Settings.

2) Select the desired preference and click Save

For more information on this functionality, click here

How do I save a layout?

Organize your pods the way you would like to see them in your saved layout.  To do so, drag the top bar of the pod to a different location on your screen.  Once you are satisfied with the pod locations, click on Layout Manager and select Save Layout As...Enter the name of the layout and click Save.


What is the Layout Manager?

The Layout Manager allows you to save the organization of the pods within each application.  You may save these pods in whatever configuration you would like by dragging their top bar to another location.

Click here for more information on how to use the Layout Manager.

Mobile Sync

Coming Soon

How Do I Configure My Phone To Work With Mobile Sync?

Once you let us know which phone you are utilizing within your BlueTie account Mobile Sync Preference, we will send instructions directly to your phone via SMS*, or you can follow written instructions using a browser on the device.

Step-by-step instructions may be found here [link to instructions].

*SMS is currently only supported for US phones.

What Do I Do If My Device Is Not Supported?

If your mobile device is not currently supported by BlueTie's Mobile Sync, please contact us and let us know which device you are using.

You may us our Contact Us form, located here.

Please include the make and model of your mobile device.


Which Features Are Supported On A Windows Mobile Device?

If you are using a Windows Mobile device with the BlueTie Mobile Sync Tool, you will have access to your Email through POP or IMAP, with the ability to sync your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Which Features Are Supported On BlackBerry?

If you are using a BlackBerry device with the BlueTie Mobile Sync Tool, you will have access to your Email through POP or IMAP, with the ability to sync your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Which Features Are Supported On The iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone with our Mobile Sync tool, you wll have access to your BlueTie Email via IMAP or POP, with the ability to sync your Contacts.

Calendar and Task Sync is not supported at this time.

My Day

Frequently asked questions regarding the My Day section

Why does the My Day screen say "Loading..."?

This will occur when the application is attempting to retrieve the updated account information. If the screen continues to say Loading... after several minutes the browser may have timed out while attempting to communicate with the server. It is recommended to click another application such as Email or Calendar and then click back on the My Day icon to refresh the My Day screen.

What are invitations?

Invitations allow you to refer friends and business colleagues to the BlueTie system. Once the invitation is accepted, you can share your contacts, calendar, and files between enterprises.


How do I invite somebody to use BlueTie?

You can invite someone by logging into your account, and clicking the Available Invites link on the My Day screen. In the new window that opens up, fill in the First Name, Last Name and the Email Address for the person that you are inviting and click the Send button.

How can I check the status of available invites?

You can check whether an invitation was accepted by viewing the Invitations Sent/Accepted status within the My Day section.

How often do I get more available invites?

Users will receive a random number of new invites after an account is created and also shortly after the last invitation is sent.

What is the special invitations box for?

The special invitation box is on the MyDay screen to list any upcoming birthdays or anniversaries of contacts in the users contact manager.

Why don't I have any available invites?

You may not have any invites available if your account was just created or if you have already used all of your available invites. New invites will, however, be made available again shortly after. Invitations are only granted to free accounts.

Outlook Sync

Coming Soon

How Do I Configure The Outlook Sync Tool?

Coming Soon

Link to Instructions

How Do I Download The Outlook Sync Tool?

Coming Soon...

Link to download

How Do I Obtain An Outlook Sync Log File?

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What Features Will Sync Between BlueTie and Outlook?

The Outlook Sync Tool will ensure that the following features are synchronized betwen your BlueTie account and Outlook:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks

Email may be accessed in Outlook via POP or IMAP.

Which Versions of Outlook Are Support?

Coming Soon

Will Outlook Sync Synchronize Email?

Coming Soon

Registered Email

Frequently Asked Questions about Registered Email

How do I enable RPost as the admin for a user?

1) Find user and click on the Modify Access button.
2) Check the box that says Registered Mail to enable this for the user.

Upon activation or deactivation of this feature, you will see a pop up window that states that it will take 24 hours for the desired action to take place and once the account has been activated or deactivated an email will be sent to the admin to inform them of this action.

How do I enable RPost for all newly created users?

1) In order to have Registered Mail enabled for all newly created users

then you would need to add the feature to your enterprise default plan.

2) To set your enterprise company default plan please follow this link:


Upon activation of this feature in the enterprise defaults section, you will see a pop up window that states that it will take 24 hours to for the desired action to take place and once the account has been activated or deactivated and email will be sent to the admin to inform them of this action.

What is SecuRmail encryption?

SecuRmail™: provides end-to-end encrypted delivery for email message body text and all attachments, with straight-through delivery to the recipient’s inbox, auto-delivery of decryption passwords, options to reply encrypted, with court admissible records proving compliance with security requirements, and e-discovery management for decryption of litigation-related email evidence. BlueTie's secure encrypted email service solves the most common dilemma relating to email encryption – maximizing simplicity for users while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Sending Flowers with FTD

Find out what others are asking about sending flowers with FTD.

How Do I Contact FTD Customer Service?

To get in touch with FTD's Customer Support, please visit: http://www.ftd.com/12823/custserv/

How Do I Enter the FTD Store?

There are a few different ways to enter FTD within BlueTie. 

Your My Day screen's Special Event pane will list all upcoming birthdays, anniversarys, and holidays.  Below each of these events will be a Send Flowers link (when appropriate), which, when clicked, will open up the FTD Store right within your BlueTie application.

You may also enter the FTD store through an individual's contact information.  Just open up their contact card and click the Send Flowers link located below their photo.  This will take you directly to the FTD store.

For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

Which Holidays Are Compatible With FTD?

On your My Day screen's Special Events pane, BlueTie will automatically alert you to upcoming national and religious holidays (depending on your Calendar preferences).  Depending on the occasion, we may recommend that it be appropriate to send a gift or flowers to a co-worker, loved one or friend.

Here is a list of Holidays that, when in your Special Events pane, will provide a quick link to send flowers:

Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Rosh Hashanah
Administrative Professionals Day
Father’s Day
Independence Day
Mother’s Day
New Year’s Day
Saint Patrick’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Valentine’s Day


Sending Gifts with Amazon

Frequently asked questions regarding sending gifts with Amazon.

How can I review or submit an order?

Check the accuracy all of the information you provided and make any necessary adjustments. When you are ready, click the "Place Your Order" button to submit your order. Once you place your order, we will send you a confirmation email. We will send you another e-mail message at the time of shipment. 1-Click shopping is automatically turned on for you so that it's even easier to order in the future.

How do I add Items to my Shopping Cart?

If you want to order an item from Amazon.com, click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button on the item's product detail page. If you want to buy the product from another seller, click the link in the More Buying Choices box instead and follow the directions. Once you've added an item to your Shopping Cart, keep searching or browsing until your cart contains all of the items you want to order. You can access the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart icon at the top of every page of our website.

How do I check an order status?

If you would like to review or change something about the order you placed before it enters the shipping process, click the Your Account link in the top right corner of most pages on our site.  Here you will be able to change the particulars of your order without having to contact us.

How do I find Items?

First you will need to browse or search for the items you would like to order. Keyword search boxes are located on nearly every page of our store. You will also find links to browse lists and more detailed product-specific searches in the top navigation bar of each store. When you find an item that interests you, click the title or name of the item to see its product detail page. Here you will find more information about the item, including an availability estimate of how long it will take before the item will be ready to leave our fulfillment center.

If you don't find what you're looking for in one of our Amazon.com stores, you may want to visit one of our international websites, including Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, and Amazon.at.

How do I pay for Items?

There are many ways to pay for your order. We accept American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Eurocard, MasterMoney, Visa, Visa Check Cards, Amazon.com gift certificates, or a check, money order, or cashier's check denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. All orders must be prepaid. If you're paying with a credit card, enter the number without spaces or dashes.

Choose a password for your account so that when you come back to Amazon.com in the future, you can use the same shipping address and method of payment you provided during this first order. You will also be able to use your password to make changes to your order and account information. Make sure to choose something you will remember the next time you want to place an order. Passwords should be 4 to 16 characters long and can contain any combination of letters or numbers.

How do I place my first order?

Placing an order with Amazon.com is easy. There's no need to create an account first. You automatically create an account when you place your first order online. We cannot accept orders by phone, fax, or e-mail. All orders must be placed online.

How do I Proceed to Checkout?

Take a moment to review all of the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart. If you decide that you don't want to purchase a particular item right away, click the "save for later" button next to the title. The item will move from your current Shopping Cart to the "Saved Items--To Buy Later" list below. If any of the items are to be gifts, click the "add gift-wrap/note" checkbox under the item. (You'll be given a chance to order gift-wrap and/or add a note during the checkout process.)

When you're ready to place an order for everything in the "Shopping Cart Items--To Buy Now" section of your cart, click the "Proceed to checkout" button. You will be taken to the first page of the order form.

The instructions below outline each step of our online order form. If at any point you encounter difficulty or receive an error message, please consult our troubleshooting tips.

I already have an Amazon account, can I still use it?

Yes, once you are finished shopping in the AStore and proceed to checkout, you will be asked to login in with your existing Amazon account information.

What is a Wish List?

With Earth's Biggest Selection, Amazon.com has everything you could possibly ask for--so ask for it! It's easy to create a list of what you're hoping for: as you shop, click the "Add to Wish List" button on the page of any item that strikes your fancy. Make the list publicly searchable (or easily send it to friends and family) and presto--you're simple to shop for.

What should I use for a shipping address?

Tell us where you would like to ship your order. If you are shipping to an APO or FPO address, click here for further instructions. If you are shipping to a post office box, please enter the words "PO BOX" before your box number to ensure that the order is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

When prompted, how do I sign in to the Amazon Store?

Enter your e-mail address. (Keep in mind that the e-mail address you provide here will be the only e-mail address to which we can send information about subsequent orders.) Indicate that you are a new customer. (Do not fill in the password field; you will be asked to provide a password for your account later in the process.) Click the "Sign in" button.

Where do I order a gift?

You can find the Ordering a Gift option in two different places:

1) Within your "Special Events" that will include: Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Religious holidays, and other Special Events. For these "Special Events" you will have an Order a Gift clickable hyper-link that will direct you to the Amazon Store.

2) Within you Contacts you can select any contact and within the Contact Preview, or detailed Contact page you will have an Order a Gift icon within the Left-Hand Corner of your screen/dialogue box.

Which shipping method should I use?

Consider how quickly you would like to receive your order, and choose a shipping method. If you would like to take advantage of FREE Super Saver Shipping and your order qualifies, be sure to select it as your shipping option; you will not receive free shipping automatically. Please note that it's not possible to request a specific carrier.

We will estimate shipment dates for you on the order form, just before you submit your order. You will see estimated shipment and delivery dates in the e-mail we send you to confirm your order.

If there is more than one item in your order, you will be given the following options:

  • Group my items into as few shipments as possible
  • I want my items faster. Ship them as soon as they become available (at additional cost)

If you choose the first option, we'll consolidate your items into the fewest shipments possible. We'll show you the minimum number of shipments needed to complete your order. If you choose the second option, we will ship items to you as they become available, beginning with those already in stock. You'll be charged a per-shipment fee for each shipment. Read more about shipping preferences, and find domestic shipping rates or international shipping rates.

Also, please note that the availability listings on our website are intended for single-copy orders. Orders for many copies of the same item may take longer to assemble.

The shipping charge for your order will be displayed on the order summary page just before you submit your order.


Frequently asked questions regarding the Tasks application

Can Tasks be shared?


Unfortunately at this time you cannot share tasks within the Bluetie application.  However, you can assign yourself a Task within one of your Contacts as a follow-up to previous communication in the History section.


How do I create a task?


In order to create a New Task:

1.)  From the application menu, click on the Task List icon.

2.)  In the New Task “Title” field, enter the task name.

3.)  To set a date for the new task, use the Due Date drop-down lists for month, day, and year. To create a task without a due date, check the No Due Date box.

4.)  To establish a priority for the new task, use the Priority drop-down list. Tasks are set with a Normal priority level, by default.

5.)  To choose a task status, use the drop-down menu labeled “status”.

6.) When finished, click Save.

***Tasks can also be created from both the My Day screen and Calendar application.

How do I delete a Task from the My Day screen?

Tasks can be deleted from the My Day screen. To delete a Task, Right Click on the Task itself and choose delete., 

How do I delete multiple tasks?


To delete Multiple Tasks:

1.) Go to the Tasks application.

2.) Mark all Tasks you wish to delete as Completed by checking the box of the Task.

3.) Click the button Delete Completed Tasks.

How do I edit Tasks?


In order to edit Tasks:

1.) Double click on the Task you wish to modify.

2.) Make any necessary changes to the selected task, and then click Save.


Yahoo! Search

Find out what others are asking about Yahoo! Search!

Can I enable/disable this feature?

If you are a BlueTie Pro user, your Enterprise manager has the ability to enable or disable this feature on a user by user basis. Disabling this feature will remove all instances of the Yahoo! search including the search box at the top of the application. Enterprise Managers can click here to learn more.


Can I turn on/off the Highlight & Search function?

Yes. Users can turn on or off the Highlight and search option from the Prefereces menu:

    1)  Click on the Preferences menu.

    2)  From the Email Section, cilck on General Settings.

    3)  Within the Viewing emails category you will see the option for Highlight & Search.

    4)  Select the on or off button and click, SAVE. 

NOTE: This feature can also be disabled when highlighting a word or phrase in email. Simply, click on the "Disable highlight and search" section of the pop-up menu.

How do I use the Highlight and Search method?

First, ensure that this feature has been enabled on your account by clicking on the Preferences menu. Under General Email Settings you will see a section for 'Highlight & Search'.

Next, when viewing an email, simply highlight the word or phrase (up to 50 characters) you would like to search for and after a 1 second pause the pop-up menu will appear.

Lastly, click on the 'Search Yahoo! for 'your criteria'"...' section and your results will automatically populate in a new window.

Is there a character limit on Searches?

Yes.  The Yahoo! search feature will only recognize up to 50 characters per search. Therefore, if you are searching for a phrase, the search & return reults will only apply to the first 50 characters of that phrase.

Is there a limit to the number of Search results I can receive?

Yes. The Yahoo! Search feature can return up to 50 results per search (10 results per page).

Why am I not receiving Search results?

Search results are compiled directly from the Yahoo! database. If you perform as search that produces 'no results', it is likely that Yahoo! does not have an entry for that match in their database.

Hint: If you return 'no results', try to broaden your search by using a general term to begin. (ie. search for cars, rather than Corvairs)