Upgrade Your Account

Upgrade to BlueTie Pro for ultimate functionality and advanced features:
  • An additional 5GB of global storage- that’s a total of 10GB!
  • Mobile Access from anywhere using your mobile device
  • Outlook integration using our POP, SMTP, IMAP services
  • DirectConnect to sync your account with Outlook
  • Our SecureSend feature to transmit your confidential files
  • Access to BlueTie’s Lite application
  • Instant Messaging feature
  • Additional storage available for $2 in increments of 2GB
  • Share files with non-members
  • Email Archive Services to address both legal compliance and email auditing needs for $3 per user/month
  • Toll-free Customer Service and email support
How to Upgrade to BlueTie Pro:
Only an Enterprise Manager has the ability to upgrade an entire enterprise. The Enterprise Manager is the person that created the enterprise and provisioned the email accounts.  If you are a user in an enterprise, and not the Enterprise Manager, please speak with your administrator regarding your interest in the BlueTie Pro product.

1.  If you are the Enterprise Manager, click the Upgrade Now button within the Enterprise Manager. 

2.  You will be presented with a list of benefits and additional features that come with the BlueTie Pro plan.  Select Upgrade Now to continue.

3.  Complete the Payment Information screen, and select Sign Up when complete.

4.  You will be directed to a confirmation page, and your accounts will then be upgraded immediately!  Welcome to BlueTie Pro!

If you are interested in upgrading or need more information, please call 1-800-BLUETIE to speak with a BlueTie Sales Representative.
Learn more about BlueTie Pro.