Setting Up Your Domain

How do I setup my domain email addresses in BlueTie?

Before you make any changes to your MX record, log in to your BlueTie account, click the Preferences link, and choose the Email Domains and Aliases option in the Enterprise section. Click the Request Domain button, type your domain name (do not include 'www' prefix) and click Submit Request. BlueTie Support will process the request and send you an email when the request has been processed. Once processed, your domain name will appear on the aliases page. Click the Manage My Domain button to automatically create aliases for all users and manage forwarding. To add additional email aliases to an account, simply click the Enterprise icon and then click on the user name and click the Email Aliases button. After the email addresses our setup in our system, you will then need to have the registrar change the MX record.

What is an MX record?

MX stands for "mail exchanger," also known as a Mail Relay record. When you attempt to send a message to your email address (, the MX record tells other sites where your mail should be sent. This is similar to how website addresses & DNS records work. In fact, an MX record is part of the DNS record and indicates to servers where to go to locate your website.

Changing your MX record is generally done in one of two ways:

• Many companies provide a separate login page for users to gain access to their accounts. If you have this ability, log in to your account and change your MX record to point to

• You may need to contact your registrar or domain host directly. Call, fax, or email the company to request an MX change to

How long does it take to change an MX record?

There are two factors that come into play when changing your MX record. The first is the response time of the ISP to actually enter the changes into their system. Once the changes are entered, they will propagate to the rest of the servers on the Internet, one server at a time. This will usually occur within 24-48 hours, but may happen as fast as 2-3 hours. BlueTie can not control either of these circumstances, but will work to help make your transition as easy as possible.

I am leaving BlueTie, how do I switch back?

You will need to call the registrar or use the built in interface to change your settings back. BlueTie does not record your old settings, therefore you should keep those in a safe place.

How do I purchase my own domain name?

You may register a name from any domain registrar or go to BlueTie's partner registrar site