Domain Management

BlueTie allows the Enterprise Manager to manage their own domains directly through the BlueTie account.

To access the domain management screen:   

    1) Click the Enterprise Preferences button in the upper-right corner of the Enterprise Manager account

    2) Select Email Domains and Aliases from the Enterprise Management section

    3) From this page you will be able to view all of the domains approved on the account. This page allows you to:
            a. Request a new domain
            b. Remove an existing domain
            c. Manage an existing domain
            d. View all users and their aliases

To Manage a Domain:

    1)  Click the Manage Domain button next to the domain you wish to modify

    2)  You will have 4 options:
              a. Alias all users
              b. Remove all aliases
              c. Remove domain
              d. Manage forwarding

    3)  Choose the function you would like to perform and follow the steps provided

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