Using Your Own Domain

Please follow the steps below in order to use your domain name as part of your email address:

1) If you currently do not own a domain name you will need to register a domain name.

2) Request Domain to be approved for use in the BlueTie system. Domain requests will be placed in pending status until the MX records for the domain are pointed to

Note: You will have 7 days to point your MX records before the domain is rejected.

3) While in pending status, setup the email aliases for your account

Note: While in pending status, you will NOT be able to send / receive email using your domain name in the BlueTie system.

4) Point MX records to Please keep in mind that there is a propagation period for the MX records to update throughout the Internet. The propagation time will vary between hosting companies so it is recommended to check with the domain hosting company to see how long the propagation period will take.   Once the MX records are pointed, you will receive an email indicating that the domain has been approved and you can then send and receive email using your domain email addresses. It may take a few hours for mail to start flowing to your mailbox. It may take a day or two before all email will flow into your mailbox.