Adding Email Aliases

Email Aliases reflect any address that a user is able to send or receive mail from. Additional email aliases can be added or removed from accounts at any time.  The steps for adding email aliases are listed below.  To learn how to remove email aliases click here.

 For Individual Users:

    1)  From the application menu, click on the Enterprise icon.

    2)  Click on the View Accounts button and select the user you want to alias.

    3)  From the user profile screen, select the Email Aliases button.

    4)  Click on the New Alias button and enter the desired email alias.

         a. If the enterprise has multiple domains, choose the domain you wish to alias from the drop down menu.

    5)  OPTION: To set the alias as the default address simply check the Set As Default button.

    6)  Click Save.

***All email aliases are listed on the user profile screen under the email section.

Aliasing All Users:

    1)   If email aliases follow the format, username@domain, you can alias all users in the enterprise at once.

    2)  From the preferences menu, click on Email Domains & Aliases.

    3)  Next to the approved domain you wish to alias, select Manage this Domain.

    4)  Select the Alias All Users button and choose whether to simply alias all users or to alias and set as default.

    5)  Once it is completed, click OK to return to the Email Domains and Aliases menu.

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