Instant Messaging




Integration: You may view who is online in each of your Contacts lists, including Enterprise, Personal and Shared lists. You may also see a summary of users online in the Currently Online list.
SimpleClick™: From your Currently Online list, select the Contact you wish to send a message to.
IM Preferences: Set your preferences for Instant Message notifications. Need some peace and quiet? Set your status to “Hide” and you will not be seen as Online. You can also add users to your IM block list.
Instant Communication: Need to ask a chatty coworker a quick question? Shoot them an IM and if they continue to pester you, add them to your block list or hide.
Saved Conversations: If there’s important information in an IM conversation, simply save it and refer to it later on when needed.
IM-style multitasking: Hold several conversations in one window. Select the user on the right side in order to continue your conversation. 



I want all of my Enterprise Contacts to be in my Currently Online list. How do I do that?
Go to the Preferences menu and select the Currently Online Settings in the Instant Messaging category. Click Edit List under Currently Online, and check the box that says “Show all enterprise contacts in my currently online list”. This will add them all, in addition to the users you have already included in the list.
How do I switch between IM conversations with several users?
If you have multiple conversations at once, select the user on the right side that you wish to continue talking with. Just be careful you don’t send the wrong IM to the wrong user!
I’m done with a conversation. How can I clear it off my IM window?
Click on Message in your IM window and select End Conversation in the drop down menu. You can also do this with the keyboard shortcut, by hitting Ctrl and Delete simultaneously.
I don’t want the pop-up notification of a new IM. Can I turn them off?
Of course! Click on the IM icon, and select Options. Here, you may disable the audio notifications, and the pop-ups. If you receive a new IM, your IM icon will be flashing.
The IM client is extremely intuitive, but where can I find more information?
Click here to go to the Instant Messaging Guide.
I don't have the IM feature, but I want it.  How can I upgrade my account?
Click here to get instructions on how to upgrade to BlueTie Pro, and the advanced features offered!