Storage!: With 10 GB shared between your Email and File Cabinet, never worry about going over quota again!

Attach your vCard: Send your work, personal, or all of your information along with an email.

Expanding recipient fields: Add in as many email addresses as you like and the appropriate fields will expand to display all of your recipients. 

Email Importance: Incoming emails may be flagged for importance so you know when something is urgent.

Auto-complete: Enter the first few letters of the email address you are sending to, and our auto-complete feature will do the work.  Any email address from your contacts will automatically populate!

Anti-Spam:  BlueTie’s efforts to deter unsolicited email have proven to be effective in filtering out the bad emails from your inbox, and reducing false positives to your Junk Mail folder. You can also raise or lower your own Spam sensitivity.

Anti-Virus: We use the latest technology to keep your inbox clean. By blocking messages with viruses attached, you can feel confident that your system won’t be compromised.

Email Forwarding: Send all incoming email to another address, and if you wish, save a copy on BlueTie.

Reply and Forward flags: Can't remember if you responded to an email?  Our Reply and Forward flags will job your memory!  Any email you have already responded to or forwarded will be flagged so you won't forget.

Out of Office message: Let everyone know that you’re on a tropical vacation, and won’t be checking your email while you’re on the beach.  

Outlook integration: Access all you need in your Outlook account with our POP, SMTP, and IMAP services. Click here to learn more about other clients!

Calendar invitation notifications: If you are invited to an event, the meeting invitation will be sent to your inbox with conflict notifications, options to accept or decline, and the ability to send a note to the meeting host as a response.

Unlimited aliases: If you use multiple email aliases, you can receive them all in your BlueTie account! Mailing list management tools are also available to Enterprise managers.

Search: Quickly find what you are looking for! Enter a keyword, name, or email address to find an email, or search using our advanced options including date range and folders, just to name a few.

Message filters: Organize your email, even before it hits your inbox! Filter by email address, name, subject or keyword into a folder of your choice. The sky is the limit!

Drag-and-drop organization: Quickly move your emails from one folder to another.

Spell Check: Customize your spell check dictionary with your own lingo!



Maximum attachment size: 25 MB
Security Measures:
  • Password Hashing
  • 128-bit SSL Encryption
  • 168-bit Triple-DES
  • Firewalls
  • VPNs
  • Terminal Security
  • Strict Employee Data Privacy Policies and User-Level Access Controls.


Can all email in my enterprise be audited?
Yes! With the BlueTie Pro plan, you have the option of enabling Archive Services (additional charges may apply). With Archive Services enabled, all incoming and outgoing user emails will be permanently stored online along with any attachments, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection. You may also set the preference of whether or not your users are notified that they are being audited.
To upgrade to BlueTie Pro, click here!
How does your Spam filtering and Virus Protection work?
Spam filtering subjects the emails to multiple layers of detection and criteria before it reaches the inbox. We scan for many definitions and commonly seen variations, with our definitions updating everyday.
Virus Protection scans email and when a virus is found, it will be blocked and you will receive a notification of the action we have taken to protect your data. Our virus definitions are updated hourly to provide you with the most secure system possible.
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What is your SecureSend feature and how do I get it?
SecureSend is BlueTie's unique and secure file-sending feature that allows you to send files while having complete confidence that your information and confidential data will remain safe. 
Upgrade to BlueTie Pro to have access to this advanced feature, and many many more!
How can I learn about all the things your Email can do?
Go here to learn more about this intuitive and highly functional feature!