Email Setup

Step 1:
From the home screen, open the Applications Tray, and then touch Email.

Step 2:
Enter your Email address and Password then select Next.*

Step 3:
Enter a name for your account
, the name to be displayed on outgoing messages then select Done. Your account is setup and your Inbox will be displayed. If prompted for type of account go to Step 4.

Step 4:
Select the type of email account. (POP/IMAP)

Step 5
Enter your Incoming Server Settings:

POP: pop.bluetie.com

IMAP: imap.bluetie.com

Then select Next.

Step 6
Enter the Outgoing Server Settings: smtp.bluetie.com



Note that there is a known issue with the email client built into the Droid.  On some devices, the application will continuously force close. You can obtain more information about that issue here: