Android Mobile Device Email Setup

Email Setup

Step 1:
From the home screen, open the Settings, and then touch Email.

Step 2:
Enter your Email address and Password then select Next.*

Step 3:
Enter a name for your account
, the name to be displayed on outgoing messages then select Done. Your account is setup and your Inbox will be displayed. If prompted for type of account go to Step 4.

Step 4:
Select the type of email account. (POP/IMAP)

Step 5
Enter your Incoming Server Settings:

Note: IMAP is a mirror image of your webmail emails, so if you delete emails via IMAP account, it will delete the emails from your webmail account as well. IMAP is recommended when you have multiple accounts setup. You'll also see all of your webmail folders ( and vice-versa) when using IMAP. Pop brings over a copy of your inbox messages only



Then select Next.

Step 6
Enter the Outgoing Server Settings:

You'll also either need to check the box for Outgoing Server Requires Authentication or you'll need to enter your full email address and password again: