This section contains a quick overview of each application.


Email integration: Can't get out of your inbox?  No problem!  Stay informed even in your inbox when you are invited to an event, when attendees respond to your event, or any meeting updates are sent out!

Quick Add: Enter an event into your Calendar by simply typing what it is and when, and you’re done!

Easy rescheduling: Need to move an appointment? Simply drag-and-drop it to its new date on your calendar, and all attendees will be notified of the change.

Send Attachments with Meeting Requests:  Ensure all attendees have the agenda before the meeting starts!

Email All Attendees: Send an email to all of your meeting attendees with updates!

My Day at a glance: View all of today’s events, meetings, special events and appointments in your My Day page.

Tabular Views:  Change your daily, weekly and monthly calendar views with one click!  Also view your meeting requests on one tab right from your calendar!

Free/Busy URL: This URL may be provided to users of Microsoft Outlook or other compatible calendar applications so that they may view your free / busy data when scheduling meetings from within their own calendar applications.

Need a reminder?: Never miss another meeting! You’ll receive a pop-up or email notification in the time increment of your choice prior to the event.

Keep it Private: Schedule a private event, so other users with your Calendar will see that you are busy, but won’t see the details.

Contacts and Tasks integration: Schedule an event with one of your Contacts groups, share your calendar with someone, or schedule a follow-up event in your Contact’s history. You can also view a task on it’s due date in your Calendar.

Take attendance: View who has accepted your meeting so you know how many bagels to bring!  You may also have an email sent to you when attendees respond.

Shared Calendar: Give other users access to your schedule in Full, Read-Only, or Free/Busy Access levels.

First Available: Have an urgent meeting to schedule? Find the first available time common to all attendees without sifting through everyone’s Calendar!


Can I customize how I view my Calendar?
Yes! The BlueTie calendar allows you to view your schedule by day, by week, or by month. Your scheduled appointments, meetings, and events will appear in each view of your calendar.

Does Calendar work with people in different time zones?
Yes. When you make an appointment and invite attendees, BlueTie automatically adjusts for the time zone settings of each individual user.

How many people can I share my Calendar with?
As many as you would like!

Where can I find more information on how to use my Calendar?
Click here to go to our Calendar How-to Guide.



Enterprise Contacts: Organize your company, or the network of people in your enterprise for fast and easy management of all users. This feature is available to your Enterprise Manager.
Shared Contacts: Share your personal contacts with another user, or view a coworker’s contacts.
Currently Online: See who’s online and send them an instant message. If a user is online in any of your contacts lists, their user icon will be highlighted.
Email and Calendar integration: Email or schedule an event with all contacts in a group.
vCards: Manage your personal and work information in your vCard and upload your photo. You may send your personal, work, or all contact information attached to an email.
Private Contacts: Mark someone as a private contact, which won’t be accessible to anyone but you, regardless of sharing preferences.
Upload a photo to a contact: Forgetful? Upload a photo of your contact and never forget a name again.
Import/Export Contacts: You may upload or download your personal and enterprise Contacts into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, or vCard format.
Printer-friendly views: Print an individual contact or a group in an organized layout.
Contacts Search: Quickly find who you are looking for.
Drag-and-Drop capability: Organize your Personal contacts into groups with our drag-and-drop technology. 
Contact History: Add notes to a contact and schedule a follow-up event. You may also search for the most recent email communication from a contact.
Fast directions: Click on an address within one of your contacts, and map out directions through MapQuest!


Supported Contacts Formats:
-Comma-Separated Value (CSV file)
-vCard format (.vcf)
Photo Uploading accepted files:


Can I import my contacts from another program? What about exporting?
Yes. Convert your contacts file into either a .csv format, or .vcf file, upload, and you’re off! You may export your BlueTie contacts in the same formats.
How do I email some of my contracts from a group, but not all of them?
Using BlueTie’s patented SimpleClick™, you can easily pick and choose who to send to with one click of your mouse. Simply click the “To” button while composing the email, and select the contacts you wish to include. 
Do I have to share all of my contacts with someone?
No. You may choose the groups you wish to share, or you can share all of your contacts. Access levels can also be assigned to Modify, Read-Only Access, or Full Access.
How do I add someone to Enterprise Contacts?
Contact your Enterprise Administrator for Enterprise Contact changes. This feature is available to the Enterprise Manager only.
I don’t have the Instant Messaging feature. How do I get it?
BlueTie’s IM client is offered along with many other features in our BlueTie Pro plan. If you are the Enterprise Manager, click the “Upgrade Now” button in the application to signup, or contact a BlueTie Sales Representative at 1-800-BLUETIE.  Click here to begin the upgrade process!
I need more information. Where can I find it?
Click here for our Contacts How-to Guide. 



Fax from your Email: Fax documents from your inbox with a few simple clicks!  No more fax machine maintenance or clunky machines.   Start sending and receiving faxes now!

Free Trial: Not sure if eFax is for you?  Try it for free for a 30 day period!

Afraid of commitment?: Use our Fax On-Demand service whenever you need to.  Send individual faxes as needed for one low price!

Sign me up!: Are you loving the simplicity of our efax service?  Sign up for your membership and get faxing!  Already have an account?  Great!  Just enter your credentials in the preferences and you’re off!

Fax with ease: Send a fax using your contact information!  Don’t worry about remembering that number- it’s only a few clicks away!


Membership categories

·        Free Trial for 30 days!

·        Fax On-Demand- $0.75 (USD) for the first page, and $0.25 for each additional page per fax transmission

·        eFax Account- Starting as low as $16.95 (USD) per month


What about a cover sheet? 
When you create a fax, you may use the compose window to create your own cover sheet, and attach the document you wish to fax. 

How do I send a fax?
To use our Fax On Demand service, go to your inbox, click on the New dropdown, and select Fax. 

I already have an eFax account and I love it!  How can I use it in my account?
Go to your Preferences menu and enter your eFax subscriber number and PIN into the eFax Settings.

Who do I contact for support?
The Fax-On-Demand service support is managed by our own Support Team and you may contact us here.  Membership and Free Trials are managed and supported by eFax support.  Click here for the eFax help page.



Storage!: With 10 GB shared between your Email and File Cabinet, never worry about going over quota again!

Attach your vCard: Send your work, personal, or all of your information along with an email.

Expanding recipient fields: Add in as many email addresses as you like and the appropriate fields will expand to display all of your recipients. 

Email Importance: Incoming emails may be flagged for importance so you know when something is urgent.

Auto-complete: Enter the first few letters of the email address you are sending to, and our auto-complete feature will do the work.  Any email address from your contacts will automatically populate!

Anti-Spam:  BlueTie’s efforts to deter unsolicited email have proven to be effective in filtering out the bad emails from your inbox, and reducing false positives to your Junk Mail folder. You can also raise or lower your own Spam sensitivity.

Anti-Virus: We use the latest technology to keep your inbox clean. By blocking messages with viruses attached, you can feel confident that your system won’t be compromised.

Email Forwarding: Send all incoming email to another address, and if you wish, save a copy on BlueTie.

Reply and Forward flags: Can't remember if you responded to an email?  Our Reply and Forward flags will job your memory!  Any email you have already responded to or forwarded will be flagged so you won't forget.

Out of Office message: Let everyone know that you’re on a tropical vacation, and won’t be checking your email while you’re on the beach.  

Outlook integration: Access all you need in your Outlook account with our POP, SMTP, and IMAP services. Click here to learn more about other clients!

Calendar invitation notifications: If you are invited to an event, the meeting invitation will be sent to your inbox with conflict notifications, options to accept or decline, and the ability to send a note to the meeting host as a response.

Unlimited aliases: If you use multiple email aliases, you can receive them all in your BlueTie account! Mailing list management tools are also available to Enterprise managers.

Search: Quickly find what you are looking for! Enter a keyword, name, or email address to find an email, or search using our advanced options including date range and folders, just to name a few.

Message filters: Organize your email, even before it hits your inbox! Filter by email address, name, subject or keyword into a folder of your choice. The sky is the limit!

Drag-and-drop organization: Quickly move your emails from one folder to another.

Spell Check: Customize your spell check dictionary with your own lingo!



Maximum attachment size: 25 MB
Security Measures:
  • Password Hashing
  • 128-bit SSL Encryption
  • 168-bit Triple-DES
  • Firewalls
  • VPNs
  • Terminal Security
  • Strict Employee Data Privacy Policies and User-Level Access Controls.


Can all email in my enterprise be audited?
Yes! With the BlueTie Pro plan, you have the option of enabling Archive Services (additional charges may apply). With Archive Services enabled, all incoming and outgoing user emails will be permanently stored online along with any attachments, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection. You may also set the preference of whether or not your users are notified that they are being audited.
To upgrade to BlueTie Pro, click here!
How does your Spam filtering and Virus Protection work?
Spam filtering subjects the emails to multiple layers of detection and criteria before it reaches the inbox. We scan for many definitions and commonly seen variations, with our definitions updating everyday.
Virus Protection scans email and when a virus is found, it will be blocked and you will receive a notification of the action we have taken to protect your data. Our virus definitions are updated hourly to provide you with the most secure system possible.
Need more info? Go here!
What is your SecureSend feature and how do I get it?
SecureSend is BlueTie's unique and secure file-sending feature that allows you to send files while having complete confidence that your information and confidential data will remain safe. 
Upgrade to BlueTie Pro to have access to this advanced feature, and many many more!
How can I learn about all the things your Email can do?
Go here to learn more about this intuitive and highly functional feature!

Email Marketing

BlueTie's new Email Marketing, powered by Constant Contact, allows you to send professional email marketing messages or surveys directly from your BlueTie account!

Fast and Simple: Create your custom Email Marketing message or survey right from your account with the click of an icon!

To code or not to code..: It's up to you!  Whether you are an expert in HTML or not-so-savvy, Email Marketing accomodates everyone! 

Free Trial Period!:  Not so sure if Email Marketing is for you?  Try it for 60 days on the house!  We know you'll love it.

Easy as pie: Choose from templates, colors, boxes, fonts and formatting to make your message shine!  Then kick back, and relax...



Why wouldn't I just send a marketing message or survey from my regular BlueTie account?
Well, why would you when you have all the tools at your fingertips with Email Marketing?!  Just fill in the blanks and off you go. 

I want to use my own code.  What formats are acceptable?
Constant Contact allows HTML and XHTML coding for their email messages and surveys.  Have fun!

I have some questions.  Where can I go?
Here's a link to the FAQ page on Constant Contact's site.






Enterprise Manager

Jump right in and take control. BlueTie’s Enterprise Manager feature allows you to manage all of your employee’s BlueTie accounts from one centralized location. From resetting passwords to adding and deleting accounts, you can do it all. Account management has never been so easy!


Add & Delete Users:  Create new users or delete accounts with just a few clicks. Make a mistake? Don’t worry, cancelled accounts can be viewed and restored for 30 days from the time of cancellation.
Divisions: Time to branch out! Create subdivisions to help you distinguish between office locations or even departments. Move users into the appropriate sub-division and let the sub-divisional enterprise managers take charge of their employees.
Domain Management: With BlueTie you can manage your own domain directly through the application. You can request new domains, remove existing domains, and even add & remove aliases for all users.
Mailing Lists: Who gets what? By creating mailing lists through the enterprise preferences menu, you can allow multiple users to send and receive email coming from the same address. Add and delete users from a mailing list quickly and easily to accommodate your company’s needs.  
Global Preferences: Use the enterprise section of the preferences menu to set the defaults for your entire enterprise. Modify your enterprise junk mail settings, security settings, contacts sharing, and even billing information from one main menu.
User Preferences: Need to get more specific? No problem. By clicking on a username you can modify individual user settings including application access, passwords, junk mail settings, or even email aliases without making changes to the entire enterprise.


Enterprise Manager vs. Sub-Divisional Managers:
- The main Admin has rights to manage the entire enterprise while sub-divisional administrators only have access to modify users within their division and any sub-divisions below it.
- The main division can only have one Admin while all sub-divisions have multiple admin capabilities.
Enterprise Manager Access:
- All enterprise manager functions can be accessed directly though your BlueTie account. No separate login is needed.

Q & A

How do I access Enterprise Manager?

As the Admin, you can access Enterprise Manager by clicking on the Enterprise Icon at the top of the application. Enterprise preferences can be accessed through the main preferences menu of the application located at the top right hand corner of the application.
How do I create a user?
By selecting the ‘create account’ button you are instantly provided with a setup wizard to walk you through the creation process.
How do I delete a user?
Need to delete an account? No problem. Simply check the box next to the user you wish to delete and select the ‘delete account’ button. You can even select multiple users and delete them all at once.
How do I reset a user’s password?
From the enterprise section of the application click on the ‘View Accounts’ button and then on the user you wish to edit. From the user profile screen, click on the ‘Security Settings’ button, enter the new password, and click ‘Save’.
How do I add or remove email aliases for specific users?
To modify a user’s email aliases simply click on the user from the View Accounts screen, and then on the ‘Email Alias’ button within the user profile screen. To add an alias, select ‘new alias’ and type in the desired alias. To set this as the default alias for the user simply check the ‘Set As Default’ button before saving. To remove an alias, click on the ‘Remove alias’ button and click save.  

File Cabinet



Take it with you: By accessing your files in a secure location in the web interface, you can bring everything you need, wherever you go!
Easy distribution: Shared files will allow you to keep all of your important documents in one place, and share them with another user for fast distribution.
Team Effort: Are you managing a project? Share a file with your team, and everyone can access anything they need to get the job done.
Large Files and Storage: With 1GB of storage, you can save and share files without the hassle of large email attachments.
Access Rights: Shared Files may be assigned an access level of Read-Only or Full Access. 
Share with everyone: Even non-members can benefit from BlueTie’s features! Share a folder with a non-member, and attach a message to tell them that your File Cabinet is the best around!



What’s the difference between sharing with a member, and a non-member?
When you share with someone in your enterprise, or any BlueTie user for that matter, enter their “username.enterprise” in the appropriate access level box. That user would then receive a notification on their My Day page, telling them that a file has been shared with them. When sharing with a non-member, you may enter their email address in either access-level box, and include a message about the file.
Can I revoke sharing abilities from someone?
Sure! Go to the folder that you want to revoke, and click Share. Users that have been shared with will be displayed there. Highlight the user and click Remove.
Where can I find more information about the File Cabinet?          
Click here to go to the File Cabinet Guide.

Instant Messaging




Integration: You may view who is online in each of your Contacts lists, including Enterprise, Personal and Shared lists. You may also see a summary of users online in the Currently Online list.
SimpleClick™: From your Currently Online list, select the Contact you wish to send a message to.
IM Preferences: Set your preferences for Instant Message notifications. Need some peace and quiet? Set your status to “Hide” and you will not be seen as Online. You can also add users to your IM block list.
Instant Communication: Need to ask a chatty coworker a quick question? Shoot them an IM and if they continue to pester you, add them to your block list or hide.
Saved Conversations: If there’s important information in an IM conversation, simply save it and refer to it later on when needed.
IM-style multitasking: Hold several conversations in one window. Select the user on the right side in order to continue your conversation. 



I want all of my Enterprise Contacts to be in my Currently Online list. How do I do that?
Go to the Preferences menu and select the Currently Online Settings in the Instant Messaging category. Click Edit List under Currently Online, and check the box that says “Show all enterprise contacts in my currently online list”. This will add them all, in addition to the users you have already included in the list.
How do I switch between IM conversations with several users?
If you have multiple conversations at once, select the user on the right side that you wish to continue talking with. Just be careful you don’t send the wrong IM to the wrong user!
I’m done with a conversation. How can I clear it off my IM window?
Click on Message in your IM window and select End Conversation in the drop down menu. You can also do this with the keyboard shortcut, by hitting Ctrl and Delete simultaneously.
I don’t want the pop-up notification of a new IM. Can I turn them off?
Of course! Click on the IM icon, and select Options. Here, you may disable the audio notifications, and the pop-ups. If you receive a new IM, your IM icon will be flashing.
The IM client is extremely intuitive, but where can I find more information?
Click here to go to the Instant Messaging Guide.
I don't have the IM feature, but I want it.  How can I upgrade my account?
Click here to get instructions on how to upgrade to BlueTie Pro, and the advanced features offered!

Layout Manager


You want it, you got it!: Indulge your inner control freak and manage the layout of your entire account just the way you like it!

Simplify your flow: Navigate your account with ease by organizing your most frequently used applications and pods in a way that works for you.

Choices, Choices: Create multiple layouts and save them for easy access.  Different layouts can apply for the many functions of your account.


I got too excited and moved everything all around- can I restore the default settings?
Yes!  Under the Layout Manager, select Load Defaults.

How do I delete a layout I created?
In your Layout Manager, select the layout you wish to delete, and once displayed, select Delete Layout.

I logged in on a different computer and my favorite layout is not displayed.  Where did it go?
Any layout you create and save will be available for use in the future.  The last viewed layout is cached in the browser and the different computer won’t have that stored for you.  Your saved layouts will be preserved and are ready for use on any computer!

I keep receiving a pop-up asking if I want to save the layout changes- can I turn that off?
Of course.  In your Preferences menu, go to Layout Settings.  You may automatically save changes, receive the prompt prior to saving changes, or never save your layout for ultimate flexibility.

Logging In

Various methods for logging into the web applications

BlueTie Lite Login


Logging into the the BlueTie Lite version of the application is ideal for those users with a dialup connection.  The Lite application will allow access to your Email and Contacts.

The login information is the same as a Rich login, requiring your username (either in "username.enterprise" format, or any alias you have in place with your account) and a password to begin your session.

If you forgot your password, please refer to the login page and complete the verification process in the "Forgot your Password?" link.  You will be issued a new password and prompted to change it to something unique upon your next login.

Mobile Login


To access your account with a mobile device, you must have WAP 2.0 enabled.

Point your mobile browser to http://mobile.bluetie.com, and enter your username (either "username.enterprise" format or any alias associated with your account) and password to access your email, calendar, contacts and tasks.


Rich Mode Login


The Rich mode of the application will display all features and functions available to your account.

The login information requires a username (either in "username.enterprise" format, or any alias associated with your account) and a password to login to your account and begin your session.

If you forgot your password, please refer to the login page and complete the verification process in the "Forgot your Password?" link.  You will be issued a new password and prompted to change it to something unique upon your next login.

Secure Login (SSL)


While logging into your BlueTie account is always secure, the Secure login mode will provide ultimate security during your session. 

The login information requires a username (either in "username.enterprise" format, or any alias associated with your account) and a password to login to your account and begin your session. 

If you forgot your password, please refer to the login page and complete the verification process in the "Forgot your Password?" link.  You will be issued a new password and prompted to change it to something unique upon your next login.

Mobile Sync and Outlook Sync

BlueTie Sync Mobile and Outlook Sync - allowing you to sync Contacts, Calendar appointments and Tasks with Microsoft Outlook 2003 & 2007 and over 800 supported mobile devices – available immediately and at no extra charge.

My Day



YOUR Day: My Day will show you all of your appointments, meeting invitations, new emails, daily tasks, and contacts in one central location! Welcome to today! 
Daily management: Not only does My Day give you a snapshot of what is going on today, but you can manage each application from this page! Cross off completed tasks, accept event invitations, or create a new email, appointment, or contact.
Notifications: See who shared a folder with you, invited you to a lunch meeting, or shared their calendar with you! You will always be the first to know.



How does My Day make my day more productive?
See everything that is happening so you always know what is ahead. View your scheduled appointments, meeting requests, tasks to be completed, and important notifications of newly shared folders. Being productive was never so simple!
What can I do with My Day?
Your shortcuts to compose email, add a contact or create a new task or event is always available from My Day. Send an IM to someone from your currently online list, or view someone’s contact information.
Where can I learn more?
Click here for the troubleshooting guide.

Real-time Mobile Email


BlueTie Real-time Mobile Email synchronizes email, contacts, calendar, and tasks between your mobile phone and BlueTie’s award-winning hosted email service, providing flexibility to access the same consistent set of information anytime from anywhere like never before.


 For information on how to get started please click here.

Registered Email - NEW!


Lost in Cyberspace?: You won't wonder if your email got there anymore. You can be certain with Acknowledgments and Receipts that your email was indeed sent and received! How is that for peace of mind?

Take it to court: ...Your email, that is! Registered Email provides court-admissible evidence of e-mail correspondence. Not enough for ya?

Feeling insecure?: RPost's SecuRmail service provides simple-to-use, compliant end-to-end encryption of email message body and all attachments, delivered right to the recipient's desktop. You can even pick your own password!


How do I use this thing?
It's so easy! Simply create a new email, and once you're ready, click "Send Registered". You can click "Send" within the pop-up menu to send with a banner, remove the banner, or let the creative juices fly and assign a password for email encryption.

What are these emails that are coming back to me?
You will get an Acknowledgment message first, and this lets you know that the email was sent through the RPost system. Be patient and you'll get a Receipt once the message is received by the servers from the other end. Cool, huh?

Send Flowers with FTD


Everyone loves flowers!: Make someone’s day and send them flowers right from your account!  FTD, the industry leader in fresh flowers and gifts, powers this new fantastic feature!

 You’re never too busy: The fast and simple process of ordering flowers couldn’t be easier! 

 Flowers made easy: Never forget another birthday, Mother’s Day, or Administrative Professionals Day with our Special Events notifications of any upcoming holiday or gift-giving occasion! 

 We’ve got your back: We remind you about the occasion, we store the contact's information to help you order, and we walk you through it all.  Who loves you?  We do.


 I need to change something about my order.  Who can I talk to?
We give you the power, but the folks at FTD can assist you with any order changes you may need.  Please visit the FTD Support page here for more information.

This is so convenient!  How can I order as quickly as possible?
You may store your credit card information right in your account to speed up the process!  Go to your Preferences menu, and enter all the details into the Credit Card Settings.  No re-entry required next time!


Send Gifts with Amazon


Anything your heart desires!: Shop for a gift at Amazon.com right through your email account!  To get or to give- it’s up to you!

Your business and school needs: Make back to school (and work) shopping easy!  Order your books, supplies, and business accessories from your email account and save a trip to the store.

On a mission: Amazon helps you brainstorm gift ideas, organize your shopping lists, and view baby and wedding registries from your friends and family.  Don't forget to add to your own wish list!


How do I use my current Amazon acccount?
Once you proceed to the checkout after shopping, you may enter the email address and password that is currently registered for your Amazon account.

Who can I contact with questions about my order or billing?
Amazon can assist you with any account inquiries, order tracking and details, or billing questions.  Click here to be directed to the Amazon Help page that includes self-service tools and email or call-back support services!





Organized To-Do list: Keep all of your daily activities in one place and update priority, status and due dates. Check off your completed tasks as you go along.

Check it off!: Mark your tasks as complete and when you're ready you may delete all completed tasks.  Doesn't that feel good?

Contacts Integration: Indicate a task or follow-up action for one of your contacts in the History section, to be included in your task list for the day or week. 

Condense your day: With your task list on your My Day page, you’ll always know what is due that day, or needs to be done soon. Start your day with your goals in mind!

Calendar integration: Review your tasks and appointments in one place to manage your day in the most time-efficient manner. Use our drag-and-drop technology to move a task from one day to another.

Tasks Preview Pane: In the Tasks application, view all of your tasks in one place and click on each individual task to view their details in the preview pane display.



Where do I manage my Tasks?
Almost anywhere in your account! You can modify tasks in the shortcuts menu, on your My Day page, the Tasks icon, or in your Calendar.
How do I edit a task?
You can move a task’s due date in your Calendar with the drag-and-drop feature, or double-click the task to edit details. You can also manage your tasks from My Day, Shortcuts, the Tasks application or in your Contacts in the History section.
How do I delete the Tasks that are completed?
After completing a task, you can check it off to indicate that it has been done. To clear the completed tasks, select the Tasks icon and click “Delete Completed”.
I love this feature. Where can I learn more?
Click here for the Tasks Guide.

Travel Feature

BlueTie Travel Search Book Travel 

BlueTie's new Travel planning feature, powered by Oribitz, enables you to easily book flights and hotels right from your BlueTie Calendar, in context with your other events and commitments. 

Convenience!:  Need to fly across the country for a business meeting?  Quickly search for and book your trip through your BlueTie Calendar. 

Travel details in one click:  Once you receive your confirmation in your email, click the link and voila!  Your travel details will be added to your Calendar.

What works for you?:  Your flight search results will be displayed among your existing scheduled appointments in your calendar.  You can decide which flight would accomodate your schedule, at a glance!

Options, Options, Options:  Select your personal travel preferences, right within your BlueTie preferences menu.  Airlines, passengers, default airports, hotels and more can all be set to return what you are looking for with every search.

Everything in one place: Once you determine the details of your trip and book with Orbitz, the details of your trip are added to your calendar, and the confirmation email is sent to your account.  Could it be any easier?

The best part- VACATION!: Does looking at your busy calendar wear you out?  Schedule your personal vacation within your calendar, and take some time off- you deserve it!  Just don't forget to turn on your "Out of Office" message, and let everyone know that you're in a tropical location far far away...

Did you know?:  You can customize the view of your results, and sort according to what criteria is important to you?  Well, you can!  Just another feature that is all about you!

Quick Add:  You can also begin your travel search by using the Quick Add feature of the Calendar.  For example, if you enter "flight to Boston", your search window will pop-up, with your custom preferences already populated and ready to find your trip of choice!


Why would I want to book travel with BlueTie?
Orbitz provides the fastest and easiest travel search with the lowest prices around.  Not to mention the integration with your BlueTie account and your everyday life- why wouldn't you want to book through BlueTie and Orbitz?

I already have an Orbitz account- how can I integrate my BlueTie account?
Adjust your preferences in Orbitz to use your email address within BlueTie for confirmation and notifications.  After your search is completed with BlueTie, and you are directed to the Orbitz site, you may sign into your Orbitz account to complete your transaction.

How do I add my trip to my Calendar?
You will receive an email confirmation with your itinerary, and trip details.  Click the appropriate link to schedule it on your Calendar, and you're done!

If I have a problem, who do I contact?
If you encounter an issue with your search options, email confirmation or calendar scheduling, you may contact BlueTie at 1-800-BLUETIE or support@bluetie.com.
If you have a problem with your itinerary, travels plans, or booking, contact Orbitz here for FAQ's and contact information.

Yahoo! Search

BlueTie's Yahoo! search feature, powered by Yahoo.com, will assist you with your everyday searching needs.    

At anytime in the application, you may search for anything that you are looking for. 

In-Email Search:  Your boss told you to find office supplies in his latest email.  Now what?  Highlight the word or phrase (i.e. "office supplies") within the email, and hover over it to select the "Search Yahoo! for office supplies..." option.  No typing needed!


Can the highlight search feature be disabled?
Yes, it can.  You can remove this in your Preferences under General Settings, or when highlighting a term within your email.  Select "Disable highlight and search".  This can be re-enabled in your Preferences menu, and you will always have the option to use the search bar in the interface when this option is turned off.

How are the search results generated?
Search results are categorized and returned directly from Yahoo!

When I enter a term, I don't get any search results.  What's wrong?
Certain terms may not return any results.  Specific terms, companies, etc may return 'no results' if they are not found in the Yahoo! database. Think of a broader term, then try again!