Enabling Auto-Aliasing will create an email address automatically upon user creation using the format.

To Enable:

    1)  From the enterprise menu, select View Divisions.

    2)  Click the Modify button next to the divsion you wish to auto-alias.

    3)  From the auto-aliasing screen, select the radial buttons next to each of the following:
            a. the approved domain
            b. this division and all sub-divisions
            c. user@domain format

    4)  When finished click SAVE and you will be redirected back to the Modify Division menu.


    1)  Aliases are created with the user@domain or user.enterprise@domain format only. All other desired aliases must be created manually.

    2)  If the enterprise contains multiple domains, auto-aliasing can only be configured for one domain.  Users can be aliased for additional domains through the manage domain feature within the enterprise prefereneces menu.  


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