Mailing List Creation and Management

Note: Mailing lists can only be accessed by the Enterprise Manager account

In the Preferences menu under the Enterprise Section, select Mailing Lists.

To Create a New Mailing List:

    1)  Click Create New Mailing List.

    2)  Enter the mailing list you wish to create (i.e.

    3)  Add the email aliases that should receive mail coming to that address (i.e. and click Add.

    4)  Click Save when finished.

To Manage an Existing Mailing List:

    1)  Highlight the Mailing List you wish to modify and click Edit.

    2)  Add aliases as detailed above, or highlight an alias and click Remove to take an alias off the Mailing List.

    3)  Click Save to apply your changes.

To Delete a Mailing List:

    1)  Highlight the mailing list and click Remove.

    2)  A notifcaition will appear asking you to confirm your selection.

    3)  Click OK and then Done to reflect your changes. 

***Note:  Mailing lists ( cannot be currently aliased or associated with a specific user account.  If it is, remove the email alias from the user account, create the mailing list using the steps above, and then add the user to the mailing list.

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