Searching for a user

The Enterprise Manager can locate users in several ways:

Using the Search Function:  

    1)  From the View Accounts screen, type in the search box the user (username.enterprise) that you are trying to locate.

    2)  Click Search, and the user(s) will appear below that match the criteria will appear.  


Search by Letter:

    1)  To narrow the number of users you are viewing, you can use the letter buttons to view only the usernames that begin with that letter.

    2)  To return to a normal view, select View Accounts or the All button at the beginning of the alphabet listing.


Using the Filter:

    1)  The filter allows the Enterprise Manager to view users by seperating them by account status. The status fields are:
             - Active Accounts (default view)
            - Locked Accounts
            - Cancelled Accounts