File Cabinet

Help with issues regarding the File Cabinet application

Cannot Delete File / Folder

Make sure you are deleting folder  on righthand side

Step 1: Click on My folders
Step 2.
Click on Folder you want to remove located in righthand pane
Step 3. Click Delete (Make sure Folder is empty of all contents first)
Step 4: Verify that Check for newer version of stored pages is set to Automatically
Step 5: Verify you are not trying to delete a shared file.
Step 6: If trying to delete a folder, verify that all files are deleted within that folder or any subfolders

Cannot Share File(s)

Note: The current File application does not support sharing of files directly. The file(s) must be located within a folder which can then be shared

Step 1: Click on the Files Icon
Step 2: Click on the My Files folder in the browser
Step 3: In the Folder Viewer on the right of the screen, you will see the contents of your My Files folder
Step 4: Click on the New Folder button located above the Folder Viewer to create a new folder
Step 5: Name the folder, then click Save
Step 6: In the Folder Viewer, select the folder you just created by single clicking it so that it is highlighted
Step 7: Next, click on the Share button.
Step 8: Select the users you wish to allow access to this folder, by either typing in their username, or selecting them from your contacts list. Please keep in mind that if you give someone Full Access, they will be able to save documents to your folder, including opening and saving documents you place in the folder. They will also be able to delete them. Read-only allows them to download files and open them, but not to save files to the folder.
Step 9: Click Done once you have selected all users you wish to allow access to the folder.

Cannot Upload File

Step 1: Accept the Web Certificate when you first logged in
Step 2: Verify the most recent Java client is installed.
Step 3: Verify that the file upload port is open on the computer.
Step 4: Verify that you are not currently in the Shared Folders directory
Step 5: Verify that the filename does not have any unusual characters
Step 6: Uninstall / Reinstall Java

Cannot Upload Folder

The current File application does not support uploading of folders directly. The folder must first be created in the filing cabinet and then have the files uploaded into that folder

Step 1: Click on the Files Icon
Step 2: Click on the New Folder button toward the upper-right corner of screen
Step 3: Type in the name of the folder
Step 4: Browse to within the folder by double-clicking the folder
Step 5: Click the Upload button and select the files to upload

Error Occurring When Opening A File

Step 1: Verify that you have the program installed to open the file (ie. Micrsoft Word is required to open a .doc file)
Step 2: Click Start
Step 3: Click Control Panel
Step 4: Click Folder Options
Step 5: Click File Types
Step 6: Select the file type you are trying to open and assign it to be opened with the correct program

File Screen Is Blank

Step 1: Verify that a supported browser / operating system is being used
Step 2: Disable Internet Security
Step 3: Clear cache
Step 4: Verify Active scripting is enabled in browser.
Step 5: Run system updates and scan for spyware.
Step 6: Perform traceroute to check for network slowness

Files Icon Not Displaying

Step 1: Check with Enterprise Manager to verify that Files is enabled
Step 2: Verify that a supported browser and operating system are being used
Step 3: Verify Active Scripting is enabled in browser
Step 4: Disable Accessibility Options
Step 4: Clear cache
Step 5: Configure Browser Privacy
Step 6: Disable Internet Security

Files Running Slow

Step 1: Logout and log back into account.
Step 2: Check to see if any other sites are running slow. If so, please contact the Internet Service Provider
Step 3: Close any applications which may be consuming bandwidth, slowing down web applications, or consuming significant resources
Step 4: Verify that Check for newer version of stored pages is set to Automatically.
Step 5: Clear cache and restart browser
Step 6: Run system updates and scan for spyware
Step 7: Perform a trace route to determine any network latency.

Unable to Check File Back In

Step 1: Check with person who checked file out to see if they have checked file back in
Step 2: If file was checked back in but it still shows as being checked out, verify that the file was checked back in with the exact same spelling of the original filename