Using a Cover Page

To use a coverletter with your eFax:

1. In the email application, click the NEW dropdown arrow.

2. Select FAX -- If you do not have eFax credentials stored in BlueTie, click "Learn More/Sign Up" and register for an eFax account.

3. The Compose Fax window will open.

4. Ensure that the Include Cover Page box is checked

5. Enter the Subject of the Fax in the Subject Field

6. Enter the body of the coverletter.

NOTE: eFax's coverletter composition interface is only compatible with plain text characters.  No special characters, fonts, colors or any other text customization is permitted.

You may also create your own coverletter in a separate program (ie., Microsoft Word) and attach that as the first sheet of the fax, effectively creating your own coverletter.  You may use whichever fonts and customizations to this coverletter as you'd like.