Receive an eFax

During the eFax account set-up process you are assigned a fax telephone number which others may use to send you faxes.

eFax subscribers have all inbound faxes delivered directly to the email address or addresses they have specified during the eFax account set-up process. Users may specify up to 5 email addresses, each of which will receive a copy of all inbound faxes.

Received faxes appear in the user’s inbox with From defined as “eFax” <>, and Subject defined as “eFax from [name, if any, configured in sending fax] – X page(s), caller ID: XXX-XXX-XXXX. 

The actual content of the fax message is included with the email as an attachment, in either Adobe PDF, Tagged Image FileTIF, or eFax proprietary EFX format, as specified in the users’ preferences during eFax account set up. This preference may be modified by logging directly into the user’s eFax account at

Faxes received by eFax customers are stored online for 1 year by eFax in each user’s eFax Message center, which can be accessed by logging directly into the user’s eFax account at

NOTE: Fax-On-Demand users may not receive faxes.