Layout Manager


You want it, you got it!: Indulge your inner control freak and manage the layout of your entire account just the way you like it!

Simplify your flow: Navigate your account with ease by organizing your most frequently used applications and pods in a way that works for you.

Choices, Choices: Create multiple layouts and save them for easy access.  Different layouts can apply for the many functions of your account.


I got too excited and moved everything all around- can I restore the default settings?
Yes!  Under the Layout Manager, select Load Defaults.

How do I delete a layout I created?
In your Layout Manager, select the layout you wish to delete, and once displayed, select Delete Layout.

I logged in on a different computer and my favorite layout is not displayed.  Where did it go?
Any layout you create and save will be available for use in the future.  The last viewed layout is cached in the browser and the different computer won’t have that stored for you.  Your saved layouts will be preserved and are ready for use on any computer!

I keep receiving a pop-up asking if I want to save the layout changes- can I turn that off?
Of course.  In your Preferences menu, go to Layout Settings.  You may automatically save changes, receive the prompt prior to saving changes, or never save your layout for ultimate flexibility.