Send Gifts with Amazon


Anything your heart desires!: Shop for a gift at right through your email account!  To get or to give- it’s up to you!

Your business and school needs: Make back to school (and work) shopping easy!  Order your books, supplies, and business accessories from your email account and save a trip to the store.

On a mission: Amazon helps you brainstorm gift ideas, organize your shopping lists, and view baby and wedding registries from your friends and family.  Don't forget to add to your own wish list!


How do I use my current Amazon acccount?
Once you proceed to the checkout after shopping, you may enter the email address and password that is currently registered for your Amazon account.

Who can I contact with questions about my order or billing?
Amazon can assist you with any account inquiries, order tracking and details, or billing questions.  Click here to be directed to the Amazon Help page that includes self-service tools and email or call-back support services!