Fax from your Email: Fax documents from your inbox with a few simple clicks!  No more fax machine maintenance or clunky machines.   Start sending and receiving faxes now!

Free Trial: Not sure if eFax is for you?  Try it for free for a 30 day period!

Afraid of commitment?: Use our Fax On-Demand service whenever you need to.  Send individual faxes as needed for one low price!

Sign me up!: Are you loving the simplicity of our efax service?  Sign up for your membership and get faxing!  Already have an account?  Great!  Just enter your credentials in the preferences and you’re off!

Fax with ease: Send a fax using your contact information!  Don’t worry about remembering that number- it’s only a few clicks away!


Membership categories

·        Free Trial for 30 days!

·        Fax On-Demand- $0.75 (USD) for the first page, and $0.25 for each additional page per fax transmission

·        eFax Account- Starting as low as $16.95 (USD) per month


What about a cover sheet? 
When you create a fax, you may use the compose window to create your own cover sheet, and attach the document you wish to fax. 

How do I send a fax?
To use our Fax On Demand service, go to your inbox, click on the New dropdown, and select Fax. 

I already have an eFax account and I love it!  How can I use it in my account?
Go to your Preferences menu and enter your eFax subscriber number and PIN into the eFax Settings.

Who do I contact for support?
The Fax-On-Demand service support is managed by our own Support Team and you may contact us here.  Membership and Free Trials are managed and supported by eFax support.  Click here for the eFax help page.