Yahoo! Search

BlueTie's Yahoo! search feature, powered by, will assist you with your everyday searching needs.    

At anytime in the application, you may search for anything that you are looking for. 

In-Email Search:  Your boss told you to find office supplies in his latest email.  Now what?  Highlight the word or phrase (i.e. "office supplies") within the email, and hover over it to select the "Search Yahoo! for office supplies..." option.  No typing needed!


Can the highlight search feature be disabled?
Yes, it can.  You can remove this in your Preferences under General Settings, or when highlighting a term within your email.  Select "Disable highlight and search".  This can be re-enabled in your Preferences menu, and you will always have the option to use the search bar in the interface when this option is turned off.

How are the search results generated?
Search results are categorized and returned directly from Yahoo!

When I enter a term, I don't get any search results.  What's wrong?
Certain terms may not return any results.  Specific terms, companies, etc may return 'no results' if they are not found in the Yahoo! database. Think of a broader term, then try again!