Organized To-Do list: Keep all of your daily activities in one place and update priority, status and due dates. Check off your completed tasks as you go along.

Check it off!: Mark your tasks as complete and when you're ready you may delete all completed tasks.  Doesn't that feel good?

Contacts Integration: Indicate a task or follow-up action for one of your contacts in the History section, to be included in your task list for the day or week. 

Condense your day: With your task list on your My Day page, you’ll always know what is due that day, or needs to be done soon. Start your day with your goals in mind!

Calendar integration: Review your tasks and appointments in one place to manage your day in the most time-efficient manner. Use our drag-and-drop technology to move a task from one day to another.

Tasks Preview Pane: In the Tasks application, view all of your tasks in one place and click on each individual task to view their details in the preview pane display.



Where do I manage my Tasks?
Almost anywhere in your account! You can modify tasks in the shortcuts menu, on your My Day page, the Tasks icon, or in your Calendar.
How do I edit a task?
You can move a task’s due date in your Calendar with the drag-and-drop feature, or double-click the task to edit details. You can also manage your tasks from My Day, Shortcuts, the Tasks application or in your Contacts in the History section.
How do I delete the Tasks that are completed?
After completing a task, you can check it off to indicate that it has been done. To clear the completed tasks, select the Tasks icon and click “Delete Completed”.
I love this feature. Where can I learn more?
Click here for the Tasks Guide.