My Day



YOUR Day: My Day will show you all of your appointments, meeting invitations, new emails, daily tasks, and contacts in one central location! Welcome to today! 
Daily management: Not only does My Day give you a snapshot of what is going on today, but you can manage each application from this page! Cross off completed tasks, accept event invitations, or create a new email, appointment, or contact.
Notifications: See who shared a folder with you, invited you to a lunch meeting, or shared their calendar with you! You will always be the first to know.



How does My Day make my day more productive?
See everything that is happening so you always know what is ahead. View your scheduled appointments, meeting requests, tasks to be completed, and important notifications of newly shared folders. Being productive was never so simple!
What can I do with My Day?
Your shortcuts to compose email, add a contact or create a new task or event is always available from My Day. Send an IM to someone from your currently online list, or view someone’s contact information.
Where can I learn more?
Click here for the troubleshooting guide.