What are your POP / IMAP / SMTP settings?

In addition to the username, password, and matching email address*, the following settings are needed when configuring a 3rd party email client:

POP Settings:

Incoming POP3 mail server: pop.bluetie.com

Secure Password Authentication: NO

Incoming POP3 port number: 110

IMAP Settings:

Incoming IMAP mail server: imap.bluetie.com

Secure Password Authentication: NO

Incoming IMAP port number: 143

SMTP Settings:

Outgoing SMTP mail server: smtp.bluetie.com

Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication: YES   

Use same settings as Incoming Mail Server: YES

Outgoing port number: 25 or 5125


* - The email address entered must match an email address that is assigned to the username's account being used in the email client.

For additional help setting up specific email clients click here.