Adding to a Group

To add contacts to an existing group:

1) Click the Contacts icon
2) Right Click on the Group In the Simple Click Pane on the left hand side.
3) Click on Create New Group.
4) SimpleClick™ the contact(s) from the contact pane on the left (Note: groups cannot be added to groups)


1) Click on the Contacts icon
2) Click on the View button and select Groups, then Enterprise or Personal depending on the list you wish to view.
3) A list of groups that exist under Enterprise / Personal Contacts will appear in the grid below.
4) Select the Modify button next to the group.
5) Click on the users listed on the left to add them to the group.
6) Click SAVE.

To add contacts to a new group:

1) Click the Contacts icon
2) Click on the arrow next to New.
3) Click on New Group.
4)  SimpleClick™ the users which you would like to add into this group.
5) Click the Save button