Treo 650


  1. Press the Applications button and select VersaMail
  2. Click the Menus button
  3. Select Accounts and then select Account Setup, and then select New
  4. Select Other from the Mail Service drop-down menu and select Next
  5. Enter the account username and password and select Next
  6. Enter your email address
  7. In the Incoming Mail Server field, type
  8. In the Outgoing Mail Server field, type and select Next
  9. Select the Advanced button
  10. Leave the Incoming Mail server set as default (Port 110 with both checkboxes unchecked)
  11. Select the Next button
  12. You can leave the Outgoing Mail Port Number set to 25 or switch to 5125 if having trouble sending
  13. Check the box for Use authentication (ESMTP) and select Done