Enabling Real Time Mobile Sync


The first step to enabling the Real-time Mobile Email feature is to enroll your device. To enroll your device:
1. From the web application, click on Preferences
2. Click Mobile Sync from the General Preferences menu
3. Using the Wizard, select your device include, manufacturer, model, country, carrier and phone number
*Confirm that the device you've selected supports Real-time Mobile Email. This confirmation is displayed in the wizard immediately after you've completed your selections.  If your device is not supported, you should contact your administrator to have the functionality disabled in order to avoid charges. To find a device that is supported, visit the supported devices list anytime here.
4. Click Next to continue
5. Verify your password (same password as your account), Click OK
6. Using the Wizard, either send your device the download instruction or using a browser on your device, type in the URL listed in the Wizard.
Real-time Mobile email is a paid feature and must be enabled by an Enteprise Administrator. 
To enable (Enterpris Managers):
1. Click Enterprise Manager button
2. Click on the username that you wish to enable Real-time Mobile Email for
3. Click the Modify Access button
4. Check the box next to Real-Time Mobile Email*
5. Click Save
*Real-time Mobile Email also requires the user to have Mobile Sync and when checking the box, you will be prompted to also select Mobile Sync, if it is not already enabled.
Once the above is completed, instruct your user to log out and then log back in.  They will then access the Mobile Wizard via their user preferences menu.