Can I share Contacts?

Contact Sharing

Contact Manager allows users to share their contacts with other members. Clicking
on the Shared tab (in the Contacts pane) will allow you to see the contacts that other
users have shared with you.

Definitions: “Sharer” - The owner of the shared contacts.
“Sharee” - The recipient of the shared contacts.

There are two possible share methods:
Read Only (the sharee can only view).
Full Access (the sharee can view, delete, and edit).

To set up sharing from the sharer’s account.

1) Click on Contacts
2) Click on drop-down arrow next to Actions
3) Click Manage Sharing
4) Select the desired group for sharing
5) Click Modify
6) Use the SimpleClick feature to to select the group or individual you would like t share the contact or contacts with
7) Click Save