Can I import my contacts from another program?

Importing Contact Information

You can import a previously existing contact list from ACT!, MS Outlook, Outlook
Express, or Goldmine.

You must first export your contact information from your other contact manager
program. Follow that program's directions for exporting contact information. Save
the contact information in .CSV format (comma separated values). If allowed to choose a specific .CSV file format, choose a DOS formatted .CSV.

To access the importing feature:

1) Click the Contacts button at the top of the application.
2) Click on the drop-down arrow next to Actions.
3) From the Program drop-down list, select Import/Export Contacts.
4) Click the Import button.
5) Click Browse
6) Select the file you wish to upload, and click Open.
7) Select a group to import to (If any)
8) Click Import.
9) Create field mapping from the grid for all incompatible fields
10) Click Accept.