Email Archive Services

BlueTie’s Email Archival service is designed to address both legal compliance and email auditing needs.  All messages sent and received by archived users are permanently stored online along with any attachments, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection.  

To Enable Email Audit:

1) Click  the Email Audit button from the Enterprise Manager account.

2) Click the Manage Accounts button

3) Archive Services may be enabled by performing one of the following tasks:

a) You may use the Audit All/Audit No Accounts button to turn Archive Services on or off for all users.
b) Use the Always turn on auditing checkbox.  This global setting will turn on auditing for all current and future users.
c) Or simply click the checkbox next to the usernames of the specific accounts that you would like Archive Services enabled on.

4) Check the Notify all accounts that they may be audited button to place a flag on each user's MyDay screen informing them that their mail may be monitored. 

5) Click Save

·         *Note that this interface will display up to 50 users at one time.  If there are more than 50 users in the enterprise, the page dropdown on the right of the screen will need to be used to manage those additional users.

Please download our Getting Started Guide here.