Add or Remove Users

 Users have the ability to modify their currently online list to reflect only those users they wish to view.  The currently online list can be managed from multiple places.  From the Preferences menu, locate the Instant Messaging section and select the 'Currently Online Settings' link.  From the IM application, you can click on the Online status text (ex. Online (1/4) ) which shows the number of users currently online vs. the total number in the list and you will be redirected to the Edit List page.

To Add a User:

    1)  From the Edit List screen, type in the username you wish to add and hit the Insert button.

    2)  The user will then be appended to the bottom of the currently online list.

    3)  Users can also add to their list simply by clicking on the username visible from the contacts list on the left of the Edit List screen.  Doing this will automatically add the user to the end of the list so long as the user is not already a member of the list.

    4)  When finished, click SAVE.


To Remove a User:

    1)  From the Edit List screen, click on the user and hit the Remove button.

    2)  When finished, click SAVE.