Creating a New Event


You can create a new calendar event by doing any of the following:

  • From anywhere in the application, click New Event from the Shortcuts window
  • From anywhere in the application, click Quick Add from the Shortcuts window 
  • From the Calendar screen, click the New Event icon
  • From the Calendar screen, right-click on the day of the event and choose New Event
  • From the Contacts screen, right-click on a group or individual, and select New Event




Attendees: Enter the username(s), email address(es), or group of contacts who should be attending.

Subject: Enter a descriptive title of the event or meeting.

Location:  Insert location where all attendees should report for the event.

Notes: Include a description of meeting goals, discussion topics, phone numbers, and other important information.

Mark as Private: Restrict other users who have access to your account from viewing the details of a personal event.


First Available: A scan of the attendees calendars will find the first commonly available time to schedule.

Duration: Select the amount of time for the event to last.

Start and End Dates: Indicate dates of the new event.


Occurs: Set a recurring event daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  Set an End on or After date to end the recurrence.

Click Save to include the new event into your Calendar.