Message Filters

To set up a Message Filter to have your incoming emails directed to a folder within your email folder tree, or forwarded to an external email address, please follow the steps below.

To add a filter:
    1) Click Add.
    2) Name the filter you wish to create.  (i.e. sales inquiries)
    3) Specify the traits of a message that should be filtered with the following options:

  • Subject
  • Message
  • Sender Name
  • From Address
  • To Address
  • Virus-infected attachment(s) removed 

    4) Choose to either move the message or copy it to another folder within your Email, or forward the message to another address.  Click Save when your preferences have been completed.

To Edit a filter:
    1) Click Edit.
    2) Make the appropriate changes to the filter you would like to change, and click Save.

To view a filter:
    1) Highlight the name of the filter to view how they are filtered, and the resulting action.

To Remove a filter:
    1) Highlight the filter you wish to delete and click Remove.