General Settings


General Settings:

  • Viewing Emails  

> Select the number of emails you would like to display on a page. 
> Enable or disable the preview pane, which permits you to view or display an email below the list of emails in a folder.  

  • New Message Notifications  

> Select the frequency of new email notifications. These notices pop-up when new messages are received. 

  • Composing Emails  

> Choose whether or not you save outgoing emails to your Sent folder.
> Select the email composer (Rich text or plain text) for each new message you compose.
> HTML display preferences to be inline with text, or as an attachment.
> Choose the auto-save preferences for composing email; select  the desired time frequency and option to save to the Drafts folder.

  • Cleanup

> Choose to automatically delete messages in the Trash folder at a specific time frequency.