Your email allows you to send file attachments along with your outgoing email messages. The File Uploader window allows you to upload multiple attachments (depending on size and application) from both your computer and the File Cabinet application. The multiple File Uploader window will save you time by allowing you to multi-task. To send a file attachment with your email, please follows the steps below.

1)  In the New Email window, click the Attach button.
To the right of the “Attach files from” button is a drop-down list that allows you to select the type of files you would like to choose from. You may select files from “My computer” or “Online files.” or vCard information

2)  Once you click the Attach button, a window labeled “File Upload” will pop up. Select the file(s) that you would like to attach so they appear in the file name field, and click Open.

3)  Once you have chosen the first file, the Email Attachment window will update itself. It will list the file that you have selected and gives you the option to add more files. You may add more files by clicking the Attach button again. Continue this process for each additional file.

4)  The attachment window will display the progress of your file upload(s). Your compose screen will refresh with the attached files displayed by name under 'Attachments'. The size of the files will also be displayed in kilobytes. While the uploader is working, you may fill in the address fields as well as compose the message body.

5)  To remove a file in the Email Attachment window, delete the file name of the selected attachment before pressing Open. This can also be done from the compose screen after the files are uploaded by clicking the Remove button.