Composing Email

To successfully compose or create a new email message, please do the following:
1) Click the New Email button in your shortcuts, or the New button in the email application. A new window will pop up with a compose screen. Once the compose screen is up, enter the recipient's email address; to do this choose from the options below: 
A) Manually type in a username or email address, separating multiple entries with commas.

B) Use SimpleClick™ to enter individuals or groups without typing in addresses. To use SimpleClick™, click on the To button and your contact list will appear on the left-hand side of the window.

C) You may choose from personal, shared, and enterprise contacts (See SimpleClick™ tabs).  Simply click on the desired names to automatically insert them into the To field of your email.

2) To send carbon copies of your outgoing email to others, enter additional email addresses in the “CC” field by using SimpleClick™ or by manually typing them in.
3) To send a blind carbon copy that does not display the recipient's email address to other recipients, enter the email addresses in the “BCC” field by using SimpleClick™ or by manually typing in the address.
4) To compose the message text, start typing in the large box below. By default, your email message will be composed in Rich Text Format. Rich Text Format allows you to use font styles, multiple fonts, point sizes, etc.
5) To save the message in your Sent-Mail folder, check the Save Outgoing Message option before clicking Send.  By default, this button is unchecked. To automatically save all outgoing messages, this setting is available in email Preferences
6) Messages you are composing may be saved as a draft by clicking the Save icon . 
7) To view or to send messages from the Drafts folder, click on Drafts from either the Inbox, or the Folders view. Click on the recipient’s name. In the Compose view, click Send. To keep the draft without sending it, click Cancel.
8) As an option, you may spell check the message at any time by pressing the Check Spelling button. 
9) When you are ready to send the message, click Send. A written confirmation will appear. Click the OK button to close the window.