Registered Email - NEW!


Lost in Cyberspace?: You won't wonder if your email got there anymore. You can be certain with Acknowledgments and Receipts that your email was indeed sent and received! How is that for peace of mind?

Take it to court: ...Your email, that is! Registered Email provides court-admissible evidence of e-mail correspondence. Not enough for ya?

Feeling insecure?: RPost's SecuRmail service provides simple-to-use, compliant end-to-end encryption of email message body and all attachments, delivered right to the recipient's desktop. You can even pick your own password!


How do I use this thing?
It's so easy! Simply create a new email, and once you're ready, click "Send Registered". You can click "Send" within the pop-up menu to send with a banner, remove the banner, or let the creative juices fly and assign a password for email encryption.

What are these emails that are coming back to me?
You will get an Acknowledgment message first, and this lets you know that the email was sent through the RPost system. Be patient and you'll get a Receipt once the message is received by the servers from the other end. Cool, huh?