Send an eFax

To send a fax using eFax:

1. In the email application, click the NEW dropdown arrow.

2. Select FAX -- If you do not have eFax credentials stored in BlueTie, click "Learn More/Sign Up".

3. The Compose Fax window will open.

4. Click TO to bring up your Simple Click contact list.  Click the contact(s) you'd like to send the fax to.  The contact’s fax number will automatically be added (If contact has no fax number, you will be prompted to enter one).  Additionally, you may manually enter fax numbers into the TO:  field.

5. If you'd like to include a coversheet, ensure that the "Include Cover Page" box is checked.

6. We recommend that you fill out the cover sheet with the following fields: To; Company; Fax Number; From; Date; Re (Subject). All text from the fax/email message will be included as a ‘Cover Message’ in the fax coversheet.

7. Add desired attachments.  

NOTE: attachments included with the messages will be provided to recipients as additional fax pages.

8. Click SEND

You will receive a confirmation email message stating that the fax transmission was successful. If the fax was sent using the on-demand process, a summary of the charges will be included in the confirmation message. If the fax transmission was not successful, you will be notified that the transmission failed.