Sending Flowers with FTD

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How Do I Contact FTD Customer Service?

To get in touch with FTD's Customer Support, please visit:

How Do I Enter the FTD Store?

There are a few different ways to enter FTD within BlueTie. 

Your My Day screen's Special Event pane will list all upcoming birthdays, anniversarys, and holidays.  Below each of these events will be a Send Flowers link (when appropriate), which, when clicked, will open up the FTD Store right within your BlueTie application.

You may also enter the FTD store through an individual's contact information.  Just open up their contact card and click the Send Flowers link located below their photo.  This will take you directly to the FTD store.

For step-by-step instructions, please click here.

Which Holidays Are Compatible With FTD?

On your My Day screen's Special Events pane, BlueTie will automatically alert you to upcoming national and religious holidays (depending on your Calendar preferences).  Depending on the occasion, we may recommend that it be appropriate to send a gift or flowers to a co-worker, loved one or friend.

Here is a list of Holidays that, when in your Special Events pane, will provide a quick link to send flowers:

Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Rosh Hashanah
Administrative Professionals Day
Father’s Day
Independence Day
Mother’s Day
New Year’s Day
Saint Patrick’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Valentine’s Day