Instant Messaging

Frequently asked questions regarding the Instant Messaging application

Can I hide from or block certain users?


You can set your Online status by clicking Options in the Instant Messaging window.  You may display your online status to all BlueTie users, only users in your enterprise, or you can select hide and appear to be offline.

If you wish to block a user, select Add on the Options page and enter the username into your block list.


How do I add someone to my Currently Online List?


You may communicate with any BlueTie user via the IM application.

To add users to your Currently Online, choose them from any of your Contacts lists or groups.

1.) Click the Currently Online button directly from your IM window. 

2) This will bring up a Currently Online list which you can add people directly from the simple click list.

3.) After adding these users, just Click Save.


How do I disable new Instant Message notifications?


1.) Click the Options button in the IM window.

2)  Under Alerts, un-check the boxes for audio and/or pop-up notifications.

3.) Click Save.


How do I know someone is online?


If a user is online, they will be displayed in the Currently Online list of your Contacts.  Any user in your Currently Online list will be indicated if they are online by the icon next to their name lighting up regardless of list or contact group.



How do I send an Instant Message to someone?


In order to send an instant message to a user:

1. Click on the IM icon.

2. Click in the field labeled "To".

3. To enter a member name, you can use one of the following methods:
    Click a hyperlink of the member listed in the Currently Online list.
    Manually type in the username of the member you wish to chat with.

4. Enter your message in the “Message” field.

5. To send the message, click the “Send” button or hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

How do I switch between IM conversations with several users?


You can have multiple IM sessions with any BlueTie user.  Each user you are speaking with will appear at the right side of the IM window, in the Users list.  Simply click on the user you wish to continue speaking with, and send your message. 

The number of new messages in the IM session will appear next to the name of the user it is from.


What is the Currently Online list?


The Currently Online list displays other BlueTie users that are logged in. It will only show users which you have added to your currently online list. You can send an Instant Message to any user on this list, and communicate instantly.


Why can't I send or receive Instant Messages


1.) Check to see if IM port is open. This can be done by using the telnet feature. Please refer to links for process.
2.) Check for pop-up blockers