Email Marketing

BlueTie's new Email Marketing, powered by Constant Contact, allows you to send professional email marketing messages or surveys directly from your BlueTie account!

Fast and Simple: Create your custom Email Marketing message or survey right from your account with the click of an icon!

To code or not to code..: It's up to you!  Whether you are an expert in HTML or not-so-savvy, Email Marketing accomodates everyone! 

Free Trial Period!:  Not so sure if Email Marketing is for you?  Try it for 60 days on the house!  We know you'll love it.

Easy as pie: Choose from templates, colors, boxes, fonts and formatting to make your message shine!  Then kick back, and relax...



Why wouldn't I just send a marketing message or survey from my regular BlueTie account?
Well, why would you when you have all the tools at your fingertips with Email Marketing?!  Just fill in the blanks and off you go. 

I want to use my own code.  What formats are acceptable?
Constant Contact allows HTML and XHTML coding for their email messages and surveys.  Have fun!

I have some questions.  Where can I go?
Here's a link to the FAQ page on Constant Contact's site.