Email Marketing

Frequently asked question about Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Are there any additional costs for using Email Marketing through Bluetie?

No, there are no charges by BlueTie for using BlueTie to launch email marketing campaigns.

What are Bluetie Featuretisments ?

BlueTie Featuretisements are services from trusted partners that extend the usefulness of the BlueTie application. The Email Marketing featuretisement enables an individual or small business to launch email marketing campaigns seamlessly within the BlueTie application.

Who do I contact for service questions related to Constant Contact?

Many customer service questions are addressed at the following site:

Constant Contact Customer Service

Constant Contact's Customer Service Center is open daily.

Who uses the Email Marketing feature?

Anyone that wants to send marketing communications to their customers and do so seamlessly though the BlueTie email application.

Why can't I see the Email Marketing option?

The Email Marketing feature can be disabled or enabled by the Enterprise Administrator. If you cannot see this feature in your application, please contact your Enterprise Administrator.