Email integration: Can't get out of your inbox?  No problem!  Stay informed even in your inbox when you are invited to an event, when attendees respond to your event, or any meeting updates are sent out!

Quick Add: Enter an event into your Calendar by simply typing what it is and when, and you’re done!

Easy rescheduling: Need to move an appointment? Simply drag-and-drop it to its new date on your calendar, and all attendees will be notified of the change.

Send Attachments with Meeting Requests:  Ensure all attendees have the agenda before the meeting starts!

Email All Attendees: Send an email to all of your meeting attendees with updates!

My Day at a glance: View all of today’s events, meetings, special events and appointments in your My Day page.

Tabular Views:  Change your daily, weekly and monthly calendar views with one click!  Also view your meeting requests on one tab right from your calendar!

Free/Busy URL: This URL may be provided to users of Microsoft Outlook or other compatible calendar applications so that they may view your free / busy data when scheduling meetings from within their own calendar applications.

Need a reminder?: Never miss another meeting! You’ll receive a pop-up or email notification in the time increment of your choice prior to the event.

Keep it Private: Schedule a private event, so other users with your Calendar will see that you are busy, but won’t see the details.

Contacts and Tasks integration: Schedule an event with one of your Contacts groups, share your calendar with someone, or schedule a follow-up event in your Contact’s history. You can also view a task on it’s due date in your Calendar.

Take attendance: View who has accepted your meeting so you know how many bagels to bring!  You may also have an email sent to you when attendees respond.

Shared Calendar: Give other users access to your schedule in Full, Read-Only, or Free/Busy Access levels.

First Available: Have an urgent meeting to schedule? Find the first available time common to all attendees without sifting through everyone’s Calendar!


Can I customize how I view my Calendar?
Yes! The BlueTie calendar allows you to view your schedule by day, by week, or by month. Your scheduled appointments, meetings, and events will appear in each view of your calendar.

Does Calendar work with people in different time zones?
Yes. When you make an appointment and invite attendees, BlueTie automatically adjusts for the time zone settings of each individual user.

How many people can I share my Calendar with?
As many as you would like!

Where can I find more information on how to use my Calendar?
Click here to go to our Calendar How-to Guide.