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BlueTie Travel Search Book Travel 

BlueTie's new Travel planning feature, powered by Oribitz, enables you to easily book flights and hotels right from your BlueTie Calendar, in context with your other events and commitments. 

Convenience!:  Need to fly across the country for a business meeting?  Quickly search for and book your trip through your BlueTie Calendar. 

Travel details in one click:  Once you receive your confirmation in your email, click the link and voila!  Your travel details will be added to your Calendar.

What works for you?:  Your flight search results will be displayed among your existing scheduled appointments in your calendar.  You can decide which flight would accomodate your schedule, at a glance!

Options, Options, Options:  Select your personal travel preferences, right within your BlueTie preferences menu.  Airlines, passengers, default airports, hotels and more can all be set to return what you are looking for with every search.

Everything in one place: Once you determine the details of your trip and book with Orbitz, the details of your trip are added to your calendar, and the confirmation email is sent to your account.  Could it be any easier?

The best part- VACATION!: Does looking at your busy calendar wear you out?  Schedule your personal vacation within your calendar, and take some time off- you deserve it!  Just don't forget to turn on your "Out of Office" message, and let everyone know that you're in a tropical location far far away...

Did you know?:  You can customize the view of your results, and sort according to what criteria is important to you?  Well, you can!  Just another feature that is all about you!

Quick Add:  You can also begin your travel search by using the Quick Add feature of the Calendar.  For example, if you enter "flight to Boston", your search window will pop-up, with your custom preferences already populated and ready to find your trip of choice!


Why would I want to book travel with BlueTie?
Orbitz provides the fastest and easiest travel search with the lowest prices around.  Not to mention the integration with your BlueTie account and your everyday life- why wouldn't you want to book through BlueTie and Orbitz?

I already have an Orbitz account- how can I integrate my BlueTie account?
Adjust your preferences in Orbitz to use your email address within BlueTie for confirmation and notifications.  After your search is completed with BlueTie, and you are directed to the Orbitz site, you may sign into your Orbitz account to complete your transaction.

How do I add my trip to my Calendar?
You will receive an email confirmation with your itinerary, and trip details.  Click the appropriate link to schedule it on your Calendar, and you're done!

If I have a problem, who do I contact?
If you encounter an issue with your search options, email confirmation or calendar scheduling, you may contact BlueTie at 1-800-BLUETIE or
If you have a problem with your itinerary, travels plans, or booking, contact Orbitz here for FAQ's and contact information.