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Complete Guide to Travel

Book A Flight

To Book  A Flight Through Your BlueTie Account:

  1. Enter your BlueTie calendar
  2. Click on the Book Travel button in the toolbar. This will bring up a window.
  3. Choose your option to search one way or round trip travel
  4. Enter the destinations for departure and arrival using either the name of the city or the airport code. (There is a link to see what airports exist)
  5. If you want surrounding airports for arrivals/departures as well as the main terminal listed check the box for including nearby airports.
  6. Enter departure and arrival dates (and times, if necessary)
  7. By default the number of travelers is one adult aged 18-64. To change this or if you need more options Click on the advanced search link.
  8. Within the advanced search you can then change the number of travelers, choose the airline, choose the cabin/class, and choose to display the reservation as a separate list on the calendar (which is the default) and you can check the preference of having a nonstop flight by checking the box
  9. Then proceed by pressing search flights
  10. If you are using the calendar, all available flights will be displayed.
  11. You can view the details or choose the flight
  1. If you chose a round trip flight after choosing the flight for arrival to your destination, then you will be given the choice of a return flight. Repeat the above steps 4-11
  1. Press Book These Flights; when "Book These Flights" is clicked, a new window will open, and you will be redirected to the Orbitz website to complete booking this package.

Book A Hotel

  1. Enter your BlueTie calendar
  2. Click on book travel
  3. Click on the hotel tab
  4. Enter the destination based on city, point of interest or airport.
  5. Enter a hotel (optional)
  6. Choose check in and check out date.
  7. Choose the number of travelers, by default its 1.
  8. Choose the desired star rating, if no preference
  9. Chose any hotel from the list of available hotels.
  10. Press Book This Hotel; when "Book These Hotel" is clicked, a new window will open, and you will be redirected to the Orbitz website to complete booking this package.

How To Get Travel Documents Sent To Your E-mail Address

If you are unable to locate your original "Travel Document" e-mail or event within BlueTie simply login to Orbitz and go to "My Trips" Under "Trip Tools", click e-mail itinerary".

Once you have clicked the link "E-mail itinerary":
Enter your BlueTie e-mail address in the form field (you can also add more e-mails separated by commas).
Enter in any note in the given field (optional).
Click "Send"

How To Recieve Confirmation The Flight or Hotel Was Booked

You will recieve an e-mail from Orbitz with your travel itinerary and travel selections. The information will be added to your BlueTie calendar as a new event and a copy of the confirmation e-mail will be attached to the relevant event as a PDF.

Note: Users who do not have the travel featurtisement turned on but do have both e-mail and calendar cna have events added to their calendar based on the Orbitz confirmation messages.

Setting Travel Preferences

To Set Your Travel Preferences:

1) Click on Preferences

2) Choose Travel Settings

3) Here you can save time and set your Default travel settings for future searches.