Web Accelerators

Web accelerators can cause problems with the web application by caching old information. Problems that may be encountered include, emails not deleting, calendar not displaying correctly and icons or text not displaying properly. Unfortunately, even though temporary Internet files and cookies can be removed from the browser, the accelerator will still hold its own cache. After minimum testing, right now this can only be resolved by uninstalling the accelerator.

To remove the Google Web Accelerator:

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel to open the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Click on Add or Remove Programs to open its window.

  3. Click on Google Web Accelerator. A Remove button will appear below the Google Web Accelerator item.

  4. Click the Remove button.

  5. Close the Add or Remove Programs window and the Windows Control Panel.

Note: Any web accelerator can potentially cause the above problem and can be removed by following similar steps as provided above.